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Celebrity Homes | Oct 21, 2014
Celebrity Homes — Ed Westwick

There’s gossip news for the Upper East Siders!

Beloved fans of Ed Westwick rejoice, the Gossip Girl star who lived at the Plaza Hotel during the show has moved to the Edge complex in the hipster friendly neighborhood of Williamsburg.

This development situated in Brooklyn is described online as “more than just a place to live”. Living in this condo costs between 550,000 and 750,000 dollars. Rumor has it, Ed’s intention has originally to buy the building but he ended up just renting.

Take the living room area, for example its bursting with light. There are simple and neutral colors used on this division. White and light is the main choice to sit and view the New York skyline.

living room ed westwick  Celebrity Homes — Ed Westwick living room

The kitchen design is modern, simple and once again reflective of the light this division is capable of capturing. The colors used continued to be neutral, turning the kitchen a big space.

ed westwick kitchen celebrity home  Celebrity Homes — Ed Westwick ed westick kitchen

The bedroom in The Edge building is in tune with the othes spaces and the penthouse design itself. A true celebrity bedroom: classy and stylish.

bedroom  celebrity home ed westwick   Celebrity Homes — Ed Westwick edge bedroom

As a compliment that the Edge flat certainly doesnt need, this condo comes with a waterfall and a pool with three glass walls and a breathtaking Manhattan view. Along these three divisions is a scheme of neutral colors in use that comes acroos in the pictures.

the waterfallin ed westwick  celebrity home  Celebrity Homes — Ed Westwick waterfall ed westick celebrity home

The Edge is also home to the weekly Brooklyn Flea market and Smorgasburg food fair.

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