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Celebrity Homes | Oct 9, 2014
Celebrity Homes – George Clooney’s LA house

“A home is a place where your family and friends are a part of” says Clooney “That’s one of the wonderful things about where I’ve been for so long, I’ve been here for almost 20 years and it’s filled with good friends and family members.”

Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Benefitting The Andrea Bocelli Foundation And The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house o GEORGE CLOONEY AMAL facebook

George Clooney just added recently a new member to his special family: Amal Alamuddin, his lovely and beautiful wife, bringing even more light to his amazing home.

For the first time, after his childhood, George Clooney moves to one another place, and he has the great feeling of being the owner of a land. The feeling that he belongs to someone/somewhere.

la-house2  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house la house2Lookout Mountain Avenue, Los Angeles

This beautiful house has a mixture of luxury but at the same time have a personal touch of a soul who doesn’t ask so much! Let´s go inside and share the family feeling’s Clooney. A very warm welcome invite us:

george-welcomes-us-into-his-foyer-with-a-cup-of-coffee-in-hand  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house george welcomes us into his foyer with a cup of coffee in hand

George-Clooneys-kitchen-in-LA-5  AAAA  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house George Clooneys kitchen in LA 5 AAAA

The kitchen is open space, different from the other parts of the home, promoting the dialog and great moments with friends and family.

ROM 2  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house ROM 2

The living room offers a very comfortable space of living: simple design pieces decorating these big areas and finally he had a great natural light how comes inside and define it.

2010614-debdd8f5-49b1-470e-a16b-4ede8ca34e5b  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house 2010614 debdd8f5 49b1 470e a16b 4ede8ca34e5b1

However the outside is a luxury and gives a unique experience. A big swimming pool refreshes the ambiance of a luxury living.

130635 PASSEIO LA  Celebrity Homes - George Clooney's LA house 130635 PASSEIO LA

Driving thought Los Angeles and back to his home is always a pleasure. Return to the place you belong… you meet yourself.

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