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Celebrity Couples | May 27, 2021
Masquespacio’s New Furniture Collection is a Must-Have

Masquespacio New Collection: Shop Before It Sells Out – If you’re a regular shopper and a design lover, then you know the incredible Spanish design duo, Masquespacio, was preparing a one-of-a-kind collection in collaboration with the Portuguese mid-century Brand, Essential Home. A unique collection that is more impressive than the last one, and you can finally see the pieces that have just been launched! From glamorous designs to eclectic pieces, mid-century modern styles, from passionate love affairs to fun burlesque environments. The collection ‘Hollywood Glamour’ has something for everyone!


Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts.

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For the design experts, Essential Home is “first of all, of course, a mid-century inspired design. Secondly, a high-quality production that gets away from the timeless neutral creations we have seen a lot through Scandinavian brands, bringing an aesthetic that seeks more to present emotions and unique forms.”

The final result of the partnership between Masquespacio and mid-century brand Essential Home is a unique collection, just like in the movies, called “Hollywood Glamour”: A unique mid-century modern collection inspired by three of the most popular movie styles in that era, from passionate love affairs to fun burlesque environments. The idea is to connect the past and the present by reviving the bright side of old Hollywood glam.

“Hollywood Glamour” by Masquespacio is a collection that redefines the limits of the products and shows its versatility is unique and unexpected spaces and you can see the entire collection HERE.

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR by Masquespacio: A collection like “in the movies”

  • Patterson Dining Chair

There is no second role when we talk about Masquespacio’s unique “Hollywood Glamour” collection. The Patterson dining chair, inspired by Neva Patterson’s iconic role in the romantic “An Affair To Remember” movie, this unique dining chair shines on its own with its simplicity and exclusive attention to detail. Featuring some creative round shapes and luxurious brass details, the unique dining chair is one of the most versatile pieces that you will find. It can look amazing in a modern yet luxurious hotel lobby or as a statement seating piece of your minimalistic dining space.

  • Nesbitt Dining and armchair

Genteel Cathleen Nesbitt was an iconic theatre personality on a worldwide level. Among almost 300 roles on stage, she excelled at comic portrayals of sophisticated socialites and elegant characters, two characteristics that describe the perfect Nesbitt dining and armchair by Masquespacio. Its unique round shapes and clean material combinations is  what make this seating design timeless and gracious.

  • McCarey Bar Chair

Considered as one of the most iconic film directors in the Hollywood industry, Thomas Leo McCarey was the inspiration for the McCarey unique bar chair design Featuring fun and creative sense of style, like Thomas, the unique bar chair piece is upholstered in a smooth velvet fabric that is combined with some bright brass details in its structure. Like the other elements in the product selection, McCarey by Masquespacio is as versatile as it is fun, making it the perfect mid-century furniture piece to incorporate in your kitchen project or an ultra-modern hotel bar.

  • Cary Dining Table

The Cary dining table by Masquespacio is a unique masterpiece inspired by Cary Grant, known as one of the defining actors in the classic Hollywood era, Cary Grant. Like in the movie story of “An affair to remember” this unique furniture piece is the perfect match for the Kerr Dining chair designs, creating a strong visual impact in the ambiance thanks to the use of gold and terrazzo.

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  • CHARLIE Suspension Lamp

Starring the popular Farrah Fawcett, Charlie’s Angels was one of the most iconic TV series from the old Hollywood culture. This popular show was the inspiration behind Masquespacio’s unique Charlie suspension piece, a lighting design that is made with three strong round shapes fixtures that translate both presence and style into any project type, from a hotel bar to a modern dining room space.

  • Fawcett Wall Lamp

The Fawcett wall lamp is inspired by the colors that the actress Farrah  Fawcett made her own, highlighting her radiance and cheerfulness with a blue touch. The star of the first Charlie’s Angels movie is considered to be one of the greatest female symbols of the 1970s thanks to her strong on-screen presence. Something that this unique wall lamp will add to your project, with a minimum effort.

  • Flon Dining Chair

The Flon dining chair, with its soft shapes and desaturated pink color, match perfectly with the Zsa Zsa pieces. Inspired by Suzanne Flon, another key actress in the “Moulin Rouge” burlesque scenery, this unique dining chair and its unique geometric shapes makes her sophisticated and unique. Thanks to its glamorous look, the unique upholstery piece will bring a shabby chic look to your mid-century dining room space or fabulous restaurant project.

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