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Celebrity News | Oct 15, 2016
Celebrity Homes: Ceramist Michele Michael Modern Tree House in Maine

Celebrity Homes: Ceramist Michele Michael Modern Tree House in Maine – Floor-to-ceiling windows and an open floor plan make for a modern-tree-house effect at the home of ceramist Michele Michael and woodworker Patrick Moore.

Celebrity Homes: Ceramist Michele Michael Modern Tree House in Maine

Michele Michael and Patrick Moore in front of the barn they built at their home in Dresden, Maine.

Located in the remote Maine town of Dresden, the three-story structure—surrounded by forest and looking out onto the Eastern River—provides an intimate view of the local wildlife: eagles, owls, heron, turkeys, foxes, and beavers, to name just a few.

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In 2002, after vacationing on the coast, the Brooklyn, New York, couple purchased the three-bedroom house as a second home. Three years ago, they decided to sell their apartment and make a permanent move. “I had a wonderful career in New York, but once I fell in love with working with clay, I knew it would give me the opportunity to live in Maine full-time,” says Michael, a former prop stylist and magazine editor, whose line, Elephant Ceramics, celebrates painterly washes of color and handmade textures inspired by nature. “We had long dreamed of moving to the country, and my ceramics helped make it happen.”

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The biggest project was the barn, which was built from the ground up and now serves as Michael’s ceramics studio and Moore’s woodworking shop. Here, color is carefully considered: white walls allow surfaces such as a worktable built by Moore to stand out in shades of blue. Follow Elephant Ceramics on Instagram for an intimate, meditative window into Michael’s world.

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Source: lonny.com


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