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Celebrity News | Jan 12, 2014
Celebrity of the day | Celebrities at Pre-Golden Globe Awards Parties # 11th January
Diane-von-Furstenbergs-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Today’s we have more than one celebrity of the day ! That’s because, today are many pre-golden awards parties and we choose more than one celebrity.
Many of them are appointed to a golden globe, and this is a way to be together with other actors of their shows.

Robin-Wright-Tom-Hanks-Emma-Thompson-celebrity-of-the-day-audi-globe-awards-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Robin Wright, Tom-Hanks and Emma Thompson

Curious about with celebrities are the most sexy in the parties? We will show you everything!! Tomorrow is a big day, so enjoy seeing the stars in “casual” dresses hiding the real amazing dress they are wearing tomorrow! Golden Globes Awards are comiiing!!

Audi Globe Awards Party in Cecconi’s West Hollywood with:

Naomi-Watts-Liev-Schreiber-celebrity-of-the-day-audi-globe-awards-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

Alyssa-Milano-celebrity-of-the-day-audi-globe-awards-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Alyssa Milano

Ashley-Madekwe-in-an-Armani-dress-at-Audis-soiree-Audi-Globe-Awards-Party-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Ashley Madakwe

Elisabeth-Moss-celebrity-of-the-day-audi-globe-awards-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Elisabeth Moss

Rachael-Leigh-Cook-celebrity-of-the-day-audi-globe-awards-golden-globe-awards-parties | Celebrity Homes

Rachael Leigh Cook

Diane von Furstenberg’s ‘Journey of a Dress’ party:

Diane-von-Furstenbergs-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Diane von Furstenberg’s

Paris-Hilton-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Paris Hilton

Bella-Thorne-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Bella Thorne

Actress-Ahna-OReilly-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Actress Ahna OReilly

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Jennifer-Meyer-Tobey-Maguire-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Gwyneth Paltrow Jennifer Meyer Tobey Maguire

Diane-von-Furstenbergs-celebrity-of-the-day-Diane-von-Furstenbergs-Journey-of-a-Dress-party-golden-globe-awards-parties-Valerie-Macon-Getty-Images | Celebrity Homes

Diane von Furstenberg’s

Love it! And you? Witch favorite style is yours?
Excited for tomorrow night? Golden Globe Awards is one of the most expected nights in the year. Every attention is on the red carpet,hoping to see the best dress ever, the most cute couple. This show, is the first inspiration for every fashion show of the year. And many creators show the firsts creations on the red carpet.
Be prepared, we will show you tomorrow some of the most beautiful dresses in the red carpet at the golden globe awards!!!!


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