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Celebrity News | Oct 8, 2019
Geometry in Leah Ring’s Los Angeles Apartment

Geometry in Leah Ring’s Los Angeles Apartment – Home is where we make sense of our crazy lives. We digest the day’s events and decompress. For a lot of people, a muted, minimalist, or neutral-toned space helps us get there faster. But multidisciplinary designer Leah Ring of Another Human is decidedly not one of those people. “I need constant stimulation,” she says. “I think it’s just the way my brain works, but I’m calm in my living room. I need a lot of stimulation and a lot of novelty.

Leah’s two-bedroom apartment in a duplex in Los Angeles’s Atwater Village neighborhood was a lucky Craigslist find after weeks of mostly fruitless apartment hunting. “I had applied to all these spaces in Silver Lake,” says Leah. “I was sure I was going to get one, and then I was sure I was gonna get the next one. I was so defeated by it. I kept not getting these apartments, and I was going to give up.” The posting for her current home had been up for 20 minutes when she saw it. She called immediately, then attended an open house the next day at which she hung out “forever,” and by the end convinced management that she would be an amazing tenant. Now, she’s lived there for four years, which she says is the longest she’s lived anywhere.

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In her twenties, Leah moved from city to city—New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco—and never stayed in an apartment for more than a year and some change. That meant she was accustomed to remaking her space and her style a lot. “I used to always be like, well, new apartment, new project, I get to change up the decor,” says Leah. Predictably, after staying put for a while, Leah was itching to transform her place, starting with her bedroom. “I just got so bored of everything, and I was so sick of my bedroom the way I had designed it when I moved in, and it didn’t feel like it was reflective of my style anymore.” So she gave herself a $1,000 budget and, with some lucky vintage finds and a lot of DIY-project elbow grease, she created a lizard cage–inspired space that was both reflective of her interior life and literally very reflective.

“There’s a lot of color. I think once I made the commitment to go in bright, I just went bright. I would throw in whatever felt right to me,” says Leah of the rest of her interior decor. Her home is full without feeling crowded, a pleasant sort of organized chaos, structured in visual vignettes, which she says happened gradually. “I’ve layered in things, I switched out a rug, I added some art…and all of a sudden it became this space that, when you walk in the front door, is really bright. There’s a lot of color, but it makes me really happy. I’m always really happy to come home.”



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Source: architecturaldigest.com


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