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Celebrity News | Mar 11, 2021
Ryan Murphy’s Mesmerizing NYC and LA Homes

Ryan Murphy’s Mesmerizing NYC and LA Homes – The Tv impresario, Ryan Murphy, created not only one house, but two for his growing family! Located on NYC and Los Angeles, these homes have the best of European Classic Style and Rustic Decor!

If you’re a designer lover, always seeking for the latest design trends, jump in this new adventure of getting inside Ryan Murphy’s European Classic Styled homes! Some of the best curated design pieces!



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“At the age of eight, I was allowed to decorate my own bedroom. My family’s tract home in Indianapolis backed up to a cornfield, and the overall color scheme leaned heavily on blah/beige. I decided to buck the bland and go bold: olive-green walls, chocolate-brown shag carpeting—and a gold disco ball”, claims Murphy.

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The TV impresario admits he always preferred the bold rooms, with a strong color palette and concept. He is a mid-century aficionado, just like us, combining the best of the past and the future.

Image Credit: AD Magazine

With a growing family, the TV personality decided not only to have one, but two houses in two of the most busy cities in the US. No wonders why he has chosen an European Classic Style!

Image Credit: AD Magazine
Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte
Image Credit: AD Magazine

“After that house came Diane Keaton’s Spanish Colonial Revival, with its colorful tilework that provided instant cheer. My husband, David Miller, and I moved into that house right before we got married, and we had our two boys, Logan and Ford (now seven and five respectively), there. And with family life came more color (children’s toys are never tasteful beige) and more collections and just . . . more“, claims.

Image Credit: AD Magazine
Image Credit: AD Magazine

Classic Interior House Design from the European culture, and we can consider that this is a final result of a mix of different aesthetics: Victorian, Art Deco, Greek and Roman. The design pieces of this particular style are a combination of modern and classic desing, with a glam of minimalistic and modern style.


Image Credit: AD Magazine

The main color of this style is brown, beiige, back, gray, silver and grayest blue shades. Here we can see a beautiful set of mid-century modern furnishing adding a special touch to this open space area.


Cannonball Suspension Lamp – DelightFULL
Image Credit: AD Magazine

The high-contrast combination is sophisticated and dramatic. You can combine the color of furniture, space, decorations to create the perfect modern classic style. To make this style even more attractive, the designer displayed several nice accessories, but not exaggerating it.

Image Credit: AD Magazine


Miles Table Lamp – DelightFULL

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