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Celebrity News | Jul 25, 2014
The Celebrity Diet Secrets
Black Lively

Celebrities need to always attend to their weight and body, they are for many many girls role models so they eat properly and always exercise.

#Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit

Patsy joined Weight Watchers after admitting to gorging on snacks while filming on set for Emmerdale and Holby City. She lost 14lbs and said: “It’s realistic and you can live life and be social! You don’t have to hide away and not see anyone for three weeks for fear you’ll be tempted by the food they are eating!”

You just need to  follow their ProPoints plan. Every food is worth a different number of ‘points’, all of which add up to your weekly limit. Your limit will depend on your personal health and weight loss goals.

#Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox diet is based on the principle that we should eat the way we did back in the Paleolithic era. All cereal grains are banned, as are dairy products, processed foods, beans and potatoes. But there’s good news for meat-eaters. Paleo encourages you to eat your fill of meat, fish and eggs, accompanied by fresh fruit and veg.

#Pippa Middleton

Pippa MiddletonDukan Diet. 

The Attack Phase: for two to seven days, limit foods to those high in protein. Stick to lean meats, fish and eggs and non-fat dairy products. Tofu and quorn are also OK.

Cruise Phase: add in vegetables. You can alternate veggie days and meat days or eat them together. No starchy vegetables like potatoes allowed. Grains and pulses are also off the menu, as is fruit (for now). Stick to this until your target weight is reached.

Consolation Phase: this slowly reintroduces ‘normal’ foods without you piling the weight back on. Add two slices of bread and one portion of fruit and cheese to your daily diet. You can also allow yourself two servings of carbs and two “celebration” meals a week. For every pound lost during the Cruise Phase, stay in the Consolation Phase for five days. So if you lost six pounds, do it for 30 days.

Permanent Stabilization Phase: eat normally again six days a week. Once a week have a protein-only day as you did in the Attack Phase.

#Blake Lively

Black LivelyMacrobiotic Diet

Blake Lively has always had a perfect body, by doing Pilates and Yogo. In addiction, she follows the Macrobiotic Diet(without caffeine, alcohol, meat, fish and eggs.)

#Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz

Mediterranean diet
Vegetable soups + paella (spanish rice) + glass of wine.

“Give me a piece of bread, few drops of olive oil and salt,and I am happy. But you cannot eat like that all the time”, says Penélope.

#Keira Knightley

KEIRA-KNIGHTLEYFollowing a diet based on eating several small meals portion during the day.Digestion increases the burning calories.

“My rule is to listen what my body is asking for. If I want a fillet perhaps I am low in iron. During the cold season I feel like to eat oranges, which raise defenses”, says Keira.

Which diet would you follow?

Have a nice weekend *


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