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Celebrity Style | Aug 10, 2022
Best Console Design Ideas that Will Make Your Home Look Great

Best Console Design Ideas that Will Make Your Home Look Great – Luxury Consoles are here! A good hall design always sets the tone for home and truly represents and defines your aesthetic. First impressions last long and that’s why you should never underestimate the power of luxury consoles. Have a look and discover how to create a welcoming, memorable hallway!

Bryce II

bryce ii console brabbu 01


Bryce II Console pays tribute to a giant natural amphitheater caused by erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau. This plateau through its unique design in high gloss black lacquer and glossy gold leaf. The best way to welcome your guests is with some luxury design, for sure.

Console Design 1

Bryce II Faux-Marble

bryce ii console brabbu 02


Bryce is a giant natural amphitheater caused by erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau. The Bryce Faux II Console pays tribute to this plateau through its unique design in faux-marble painting. It is a plus to any home entryway or even as a plus in the living room or dining room.

Console Design 5


luxury console with a mirror


Valdés Console is an enormous round mirror combined with a dark walnut top, over two sublime designed legs. Beautifully crafted and naturally inspired. The Valdés Peninsula has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Place for its global significance as a site for marine animal conservation, where its shape and crystal-clear water served as the inspiration for this unique console.

Console Design 12

banner article


dovedale console covet collection ptang studio


Dovedale Console is a marvelous and discreet console with the incorporated and unifying characteristic of the granite stone in its center for a sublime look. From the Dovedale family, inspired by the Stepping Stone the wooden carved base provides a distinctive natural appeal by being shaped in different levels and different colors, while the hardwood lacquered with amobe-bluette top and drawer uses a contemporary square shape. An indispensable item for any room or setting.

Shinto I

SHINTO Collection The Fusion of Eastern Inspiration Western Design 4 shinto console table


A Shinto shrine is a structure whose main purpose is to house – ‘enshrine’ – one or more ‘kami’ or gods. Its most important chamber is used for the safekeeping of sacred objects. Shinto I Console was conceived with the same purpose: with a gloss black lacquered structure and ash wood veneer white tabletop, this hallway console table with drawers will keep safe everything you set on it. It fits any modern classic set, with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Console Design 3

Shinto II

dark toned console


Shinto shrines are places of reverence and the abodes of the ‘kami’ – gods- where sacred objects are stored in the innermost chamber of the altar, not seen by anybody. Shinto II Console was designed with a gloss black lacquered structure and ash wood veneer white tabletop, safekeeping everything you set on it. This entryway console table with drawers fits any modern classic set, adding a touch of style and refinement.

Console Design 7


luxury console


Colosseum Console was inspired by the Roman Colosseum, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Inspired by its empowering presence. Made of Red Lacquer with translucent black with gloss varnish, this modern console table will help you bring the most enduring icon of Italy to any home decor.

Console Design 2


algerone console luxxu


Algerone Console is opulent with acute geometric features, inspired by architectural elements. Just like its counterparts, it was designed to remind us of the unique strength and class that only marble has. Its Statuario marble top is supported by a sleek base adorned with synthetic leather and brass details. A design that will redefine the way one perceives console tables.

Console Design 13

Bastei Faux-Marble

Console Design 6


Bastei is one of the most famous rock formations in Germany, that is linked by a bridge. Honoring such outstanding beauty and natural design, our designers created the Bastei Faux-Marble Console Table. With a structure in faux marble Nero Portoro, this modern console table will be able to fit in any home decor, becoming the focal point of any hallway or living room design.

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Monochrome Faux-Marble

monochrome faux marble 01


Monochrome Faux-Marble Console is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. Perfect for living spaces grounded in a contemporary style as they embrace careful craftsmanship, this console expresses a leading edge outlook through its daring curvy shapes and silver tones. Carefully built from fiberglass, the Monochrome is composed of three separate modules, covered by an exquisite gold finish with a black gradient hint as a result of advanced experimentations, and finished with a high gloss varnish coat. An avant-garde console that conveys a seductive and fearless attitude due to its unique and challenging design.

Console Design 8


linear console covet collection


Linear Console is simple in form, yet luxurious in materials and details, this marble and polished stainless steel console are a must-have in modern luxurious interiors. The very definition of elegant luxury.

Console Design 9


plata console covet house covet collection


Plata Console has its exciting two rounded legs converging with the modern straight lines from the top, creating a combination of both natural and contemporary elements. Named after Rio de Plata, one of the places visited by the Portuguese adventurers in the early European exploration of the Patagonia region, this sublime console has a mix of metal and Patagonia marble.

Console Design 10



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