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Celebrity Style | Aug 9, 2022
Best Door Handles and How to Easily Update Yours

Best Door Handles and How to Easily Update Yours – Details are everything when giving the final touches to home decor. Handles and hardware can be what’s missing to achieve perfection on your project. Stay with us and discover some of the most exclusive pieces!




Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!

The Mazu drawer hardware pays tribute to the Chinese Goddess of the sea. PullCast took a unique element of the sea to honor this iconic figure that is revered as a guardian of seafarers. This exclusive drawer handle made of brass displays a spiral effect on both of its ends to add a singular sculptural scheme to any design.




With the Buckie drawer handle, you will be seeing double. Common whelks are often collected by sea lovers, and the Buckie brass hardware could be the next add-on to your own designs. Buckie will bring back all the coastal vibes you desire.


Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!

Aquaria’s design was motivated by the whimsical charm of seahorses’ offspring. From its long-snouted head to its prehensile tail, every detail that constitutes the body of this sea creature was carefully sculpted in brass to make it as authentic as possible. Its distinctive form allows for whimsical decor solutions.


Inspired by marine bivalves, the Coral drawer handle accentuates an elongated and wedge-shaped brass form. Its unique character is unveiled in intricate motifs to mimic seaweed details, making it a one-of-a-kind decor choice.



Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!

The Manta drawer handle highlights a stunning golden scheme based on the endearing marine species. Manta Ray’s diamond-shaped appearance was the main motivation to transform it into an exclusive hardware piece that will introduce a unique style to your furnishings.


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Tella underlines a conical shape resembling the exterior of common tower shells that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Embellished in brass, the Tella drawer handle is positioned horizontally and suggests a spiraling visual effect.


Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!

Feu drawer handle is an unapologetic appropriation of jewelry beauty, elegance, and sophistication allied with the inspiration of the authentic fire corals who shelter sea creatures. Feel maximalist jewelry design embodied in the Feu handle, a polished brass handle available with Swarovski crystals or black crystal glass.



Asymmetrical polished brass tubes compose this artistic series of Furniture and Door Handles taking inspiration from Deligthfull’s most luxurious lamps. Adorn your designs, doors, cabinetry, and furniture with Brubeck pulls.

To Inspire you:

Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!




Designed as a strong and characteristic extension for any door design, Antler is a mid-size door pull that is set to make quite an impression. Antler presents a series of details carved in brass and it is available in a wide range of finishes and customizable options.


Quill is a mid-size cabinet handle that is quintessentially contemporary with lined textures that define every curve and form. With a simple yet elegant brass shape, Quill does boost a majestic and natural appeal that can add interest and drama to any door design it bestows.



Handles: Get To Know The Most Exclusive Pieces!

Pine trees are cultural symbols all around the world! Going back centuries. Pullcast pulled inspiration in the small Barks that lay around the woods of Portugal and designed the Pine hardware to bring some nature into your home.


Inspired in the Art Nouveau époque, full of distinction and luxury, Noveau’s approach is immersed in modernity and fluidity. Portraited in this organic shape full of refinement, consider the whole element, inside and out with this hand-cast polished brass drawer handle.



Inspired in the willow trees and it’s a beautiful form, the willow represents hope, a sense of belonging, and safety. It has been used as a decorative item for many years, and Pullcast just turned it into a beautiful Cabinet Handle.


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