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Celebrity Style | May 11, 2022
Best Interior Designers in Asia | Steve Leung Designers

Best Interior Designers in Asia | Steve Leung Designers – Steve Leung created Steve Leung Designers in 1997. The firm works on a variety of architectural and interior design projects, as well as product design collaborations with other brands. Hong Kong and Shanghai are the headquarters, with Beijing and Guangzhou serving as branch offices.
They have a team of over 500 professionals and work on projects all around the world, making them one of Asia’s largest interior design firms. We will show our top 10 interior design projects from Steve Leung Designers in this article! Have a look!



Interior Design Projects By Steve Leung Designers

Steve Leung has over 30 years of expertise as an architect, interior designer, and product designer. In 1997, he formed the Steve Leung Designers, which was named the world’s No. 1 Residential Design Firm four times by the top 100 Giants. His trendy and modern style is influenced by Asian culture and arts. Steve Leung Designers can help you decorate your room.

“Design Without Limits” is the motto of Steve Leung Designers. They adopted a contemporary approach in their projects, where the projects follow the direction of each client, resulting in an elegant place with a balance of light and space.

Royal Pavilion – Shanghai

Steve Leung Designers

The Royal Pavilion is located in Jingan District, one of Shanghai’s most exclusive residential zones. The flats are all contemporary, with white walls and minimal, utilitarian furniture.

The space is modest but elegantly decorated, with a clear palette of colors, wood, and brown and beige furniture.

Nanjing Mandarin Palace I – Nanjing

Steve Leung Designers

This Nanjing-based project is incredible! It has a contemporary vibe to it, yet it also has a traditional Oriental flavor. The city of Nanjing, the ancient capital city of 10 dynasties, is reflected in the Nanjing Mandarin Palace.
It has a contemporary Chinese architectural style throughout, from the living room to the master bedroom. The interior decoration conveys a sense of Chinese history with luxurious features by using a beige palette with silver, wooden, and black components.

One Park Shangha – Shanghai

Steve Leung Designers

This property, which was completed in 2015 and is located in Shanghai, offers an appealing yet simple contemporary design. The Steve Leung Designers uses a beige palette with a contemporary style that combines East and West design elements to create a vivid and stunning space decoration.


Kau to HIGHLAND I&II – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

Kau to HIGHLAND is a collection of 20 villas that showcase the work of worldwide celebrity designers, including Steve Leung Designers. This premium property’s two houses were decorated by the company.

Steve Leung Designers

Marinella – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

Marinella is located at 9 Welfare Road in Aberdeen, and the villa is part of it. The house was decorated in three different styles, using three different brands for each style.
Giorgetti, an Italian furniture brand, was the key inspiration for the entire room’s design. With the majority of the furniture being constructed of wood and the use of creamy and warm brown tones, the project strikes a balance between traditional shapes and contemporary styles.

Yoo Residence I&II – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

Steve Leung Designers and YOO’s first residential project in Hong Kong is YOO Residence. There are 140 apartments in this upscale residential complex in Causeway Bay, with various access lobbies and clubhouses.

Steve Leung Designers

Yoo Residence has two interior decorations by Steve Leung Designers, both of which represent his contemporary style. To construct this elegant residence, he utilized aspects of water and wood. At the Asia Pacific Property Awards, this property was named “Best Interior Design Show Home.”

Ocean Bay – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

Ocean Bay is a structure in Chung Hom Kok. Steve Leung Designers used a white color scheme for the entire flat in this project. Apart from white, the only other color in this flat is the one in the painting. The wonderful view of Hong Kong island is what jumps out thanks to this room décor.

The Hampton I&II – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

The Hampton is located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, and each of the eleven units has its own unique style. We can observe the minimalism feel in Hampton I, which has a contemporary concept.

Steve Leung Designers

With cream and dark black color tones, this project design is elegant but stylish. With a clear and beautiful silver and white color palette, the Hampton II exudes Modern Elegance.

One Lasalle I, II&III – Hong Kong

Steve Leung Designers

Steve Leung Designers worked on three projects at One Lasalle. One Lasalle I and II are decorated in a classic Chinese manner with basic yet exquisite furniture and a warm color palette throughout. We can observe a more luxurious style with dark and traditional furniture in One Lasalle III.

Circu New Products 2022

Steve Leung Designers

Mandarin Palace – Shanghai

Steve Leung Designers

This Shanghai house reflects a modern yet simple style, which can be seen even in the interior design style. From the time we walk into Mandarin Palace, we get a sense of peace and calm.

The landmark- Guanzhou

Steve Leung Designers

When we see this interior design by Steve Leung Designers, the first thing that springs to mind is luxury style. This modern classic project epitomizes opulence and tastefulness. The designers used a gold, beige, and grey color scheme to make this room’s decor to the next level.

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