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Celebrity Style | Oct 3, 2021
Best Interior Designers in Berlin | Exclusive Interview With Gisbert Pöppler

Best Interior Designers in Berlin | Exclusive Interview With Gisbert Pöppler – Celebrity Homes has the pleasure of sharing with you an exclusive interview with the top interior designer Gisbert Pöppler. The designer studied architecture at California College of Arts and Crafts, in San Francisco and Technische Universität, in Berlin, graduating in 1996 with a Diplom Ingenieur. After completing his studies he spent several years working for various firms in Berlin, developing new architecture after the German reunification. In 1999 Gisbert Pöppler founded Prinz–Pöppler, a partnership with the architect Ilona Prinz – together creating office environments for start-up organizations filling the dynamic Berlin landscape.

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Since 2004 Gisbert Pöppler has been working independently as a full-service architectural studio, offering unconventional end-to-end design solutions for corporate and residential clients.

Gisbert Poeppler, architect, portrait in his apartment in Berlin, Germany





Gisbert Pöppler works closely with his clients to solve the technical challenges of the project, whether designing a scalable corporate design system or welcoming a private entry hall, all the while injecting surprising style and unconventional details. With little patience for conventional solutions, his motto is “All or nothing at all”, combining an eclectic collection of high and low-cost interior features with bold use of colour. Flashing a touch of Baroque, his designs are unique among German architects, offering a hint of the unexpected and subtle rebellion against today’s standardized forms.

In addition to residential and corporate architectural projects, Gisbert Pöppler often works with fine craftsmen and artisans to create custom furnishings for his clients. From lighting to deck chairs, china cabinets, and bathroom fixtures, his iconoclastic accouterments and furnishings satisfy both the technical needs and unique vision for the space.

Gisbert Poeppler’s apartment in Berlin, Germany


Gisbert Poeppler’s apartment in Berlin, Germany

Asked about what he loves the most about his work, the designer gave a short and clear answer. “It’s actually simple: I’m glad that my customers (through their and our high-quality standards) make it possible for us to work with great craftsmen.” – he said. The hardest and most challenging moment of his career was when the designer had to build up his office. “The start-up period was easy. We built one office after another and enjoyed life after work. After that when I started to really build up the office it became more complicated. We had to do jobs on a small budget and still meet our standards.” – explained Gisbert. A man of a few words, but very incisive on the answers and when asked about what fulfils him, the answer was straight to the point. “That I can work the way I want. That is a privilege!” – said the designer.

Gisbert Poeppler’s apartment in Berlin, Germany





The best way for the designer to communicate his work is either using magazines and social media and of course word of mouth. “The publications of my projects in the most important magazines and platforms. Otherwise, I always work very simply: personal, personal, personal. I try to have honest and authentic contact with my clients and always have integrity.” – said Gisbert. About new projects, the designer told us he is working on a very special one. “Currently, we are developing a small collection of our own fabrics, which we use as curtain and upholstery fabrics in our projects. Also… the next winter is coming! Currently, we are making our first Cashmere blankets.  Handspun and handwoven. An XXL loom was built especially for us, so our blankets are 320×320!” – he said. His perfect client should be a dreamer and know how to take good risks. “People who are looking for a change and are open to experimentation.” – said the designer. There is a trend that the designer confessed to us he is not really into it. “There’s a trend I don’t like at all and work against airport aesthetics, a pseudo-industrial loft chique…” – he said.



Wondering about the future of the design, the designer explained that the most important transformation should stick to people needs. “My wish would be to think less in terms of looks but to keep in mind the needs of the people who live in a project. I work analytically, look at the life situation of the people in which they live, and develop a very individual concept from that.” – said Gisbert.


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