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Celebrity Style | Sep 21, 2021
Best Interior Designers in Spain | Estudio Mercedes Arce

Best Interior Designers in Spain | Estudio Mercedes Arce – Celebrity Homes has the pleasure of share with you an exclusive interview with the top interior designer Mercedes ArcePassionate about design, architecture, and art, the philosophy and success of the Estudio Mercedes Arce are based above all on great teamwork. Mercedes portfolio goes from residentialcommercial, and office projects to furniture and accessory design.



Mercedes’ view combines pieces from different periods and trends, always in harmony. “Our aim is to create atmospheres, spaces suited to each person’s personality. I like to take advantage of pieces that are important to my clients, that have a history, an aesthetic value”.  During her career as an interior designer, Mercedes was guided by the creativity and intuition that gives her enthusiasm and love for this area. Proof of it was the Gold Medal of the Forum of Europe 2001 she received as a recognition of her professional prestige.


best interior designers of madrid

Create atmospheres that match the personality of each client is what makes the designer the happiest. On the other hand, the creativity used to make the best of the pieces used in every project is what gives Mercedes a story to tell. Her design obeys an aesthetic value and a detail-oriented design. It was very easy to figure out her passion for design, but like everybody in life, Mercedes had a hard time during her career and in her personal life. “When I had a serious motorcycle accident and spent some time in a wheelchair. It was a hard stage, but from all these processes you learn and grow both personally and professionally.” – she told.

Mercedes Arce is what we call a fulfilled person. When asked if she already achieved everything she wanted in life, the answer was quite simple and clear. “I have achieved many things I wanted in life, not everything but the most important things I have, a wonderful family and a job that I am passionate about and good friends.” – she said. Even though she feels that she got the most important things, she still has dreams and ambitions either in the professional and personal spectrum of life. But professionally what really satisfies her is her clients’ happiness. “Finishing a project and making my clients happy, in each space I look for balance and harmony, combining aesthetics and functionality.” – she said.





Her connection with her clients, in general, is very good. The open talks and trust-based relationship she builds with each client is the secret to so many successful projects. And that’s why besides using social networks, one of the best advertising she has comes from happy clients. Word of mouth is undoubtedly the best advertisement. We found it appropriate to understand what inspires the designer and if she is currently working on any new project. “Yes, a restaurant, a hair salon, and 3 houses. For each project I am inspired by something different, I develop the concept and look for inspiration in everything, nature, materials, spaces…” – she answered. About trends “More and more importance is given to design, creating experiences and sensations in spaces is more and more valued.” – stated Mercedes. She also told us that she doesn’t have a client’s prototype, she works with all kinds of clients with different dedications. For Mercedes, the important thing is the process of inspiration and the clients’ happiness, every project is a new challenge and a new opportunity to build storytelling.


In the designer’s opinion, Portugal (in particular in the South) and Spain (in Catalunia) are experts and have very good craftsmanship. Nowadays we are watching to a reinvention of modernity through tradition. This means that the industry is working on reviving product development through traditional craftsmanship. The design did not replace the crafted, not on its sensitive and semiotic scopesCraft is still about authenticity, skill, and tradition, which are characteristics that we naturally rely on. This human-to-human relation is what we all aim, in every area. At this point, we need to understand that all industrial processes have a lack of social engagement. Soul into the design is the present and future mantra. About the future “With all the problems that have occurred, people value more being and living in beautiful spaces that help them to be better off.” – said, Mercedes.

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