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Celebrity Style | Jul 2, 2021
Celebrity Style interiors | Multi-Million Dollar House In Miami

Celebrity Style interiors | Multi-Million Dollar House In MiamiThis house was developed for a Special Client. The city guy, the art lover, the architect that loves the sea and has impeccable taste in interior design. A man of many traits that needs a mega-mansion to live the dream. The ultimate dream. The Luxxu Dream. The one we can build for you. It’s the place you never want to leave but everyone wants in. A home that encompasses all the things that you love the most. Your personal heaven. Your very own museum. The best sightseeing spot in town. A movie theater. A master suite that no hotel can offer. The best outdoors in the world to relax. The most Luxxu place in the entire world.

Miami House



Setting the tone for the rest of the house, the hallway is a grandiose space that feels like walking in a museum. Illuminating the setting, the first masterpiece, a new piece from luxxu, the Babel Chandelier XL. Shaped with a downfall of handmade crystal glass and gold plated brass, it creates exclusive patterns of lighting reflecting on the surroundings. Covering the entire entryway, on both sides, black marble displays hold antique figures, conveying a strong sense of decor, enlightened by babel wall lamps. At the end of the large entrance, one more lighting piece, the babel II Suspension, makes way to an elegant and modern sitting area, composed by two Ocadia chairs centered by the Suspicion console, harmonizing the ambiance in a monochromatic way and the noblest of materials: Polished brass, Nero Marquina marble. On the wall, Shard wall lights and the crown mirror tie in the whole space.



The generous dining room was designed to highlight the comfortable luxury and palpable sophistication. This space is well-appointed with a plethora of cutting-edge and tailored designs that certainly stand the test of time! The dining table is the main piece of the dining room and therefore sets the design style, and as such, LUXXU opted to place the Beyond dining table right at the center of the room, whose gold and neutral tones contrast perfectly with the polished nature of its surrounding elements. The Charla dining chairs were the upholstered designs selected to comfort guests whereas the Waterfall rectangular suspension sparkles smooth lighting over the table.

Curiously enough, the latter was made of gold-plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass in order to bring a natural feeling of waterfalls to any space, which is one of the recurring themes of this Miami residence. Furthermore, a set of Otto Swivel armchairs brings an extra layer of comfort and poise, making quite an imperial statement. The importance of a well-lit dining room is assuredly not overlooked here, as the room highlights a cluster of lighting pieces, from the Waterfall floor lamps to the Gala torch wall lights, both exclusive pieces that present palatial influences with a hint of modernity. Lastly, on the right side of the room, one can be marveled by the exquisiteness and timeless allure of designs such as the Vertigo console, the Nubian sideboard, and the Scala mirror, all of which are the embodiment of craftsmanship and creative luxury. As a matter of fact, Nubian is one of the latest designs to have been introduced to LUXXU’s collection and it unquestionably makes an auspicious statement mainly due to its geometric form and versatile character as well as pairing extremely well with the Scala mirror.


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In matters of functionality and comfort, the living room is the one home division where one can experiment with color palettes, layers of textures and patterns, and furniture layouts. For this Miami residence, LUXXU chose a comprehensive range of lighting and furniture designs that are highly comfortable, welcoming, and stylish. When it comes to upholstery, LUXXU highlights one of its brand-new sofas, Senzu, to become the focal point as it features a round form and a neutral color scheme. The living room is further complemented by other neutral furnishings such as the Saboteur Swivel armchairs, the Lloyd Bookcase, and the Nubian bar cabinet. Nevertheless, one can find accentuated pops of gold throughout, especially in the Empire center table set as well as lighting pieces like the Liberty Suspension.


Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast


For the modern kitchen, marble was the material chosen to profusely decorate this space in tones of black and white, including walls, flooring, cabinetry, and kitchen island. The brass and crystal glass form of the Shard suspension, a unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character, pairs perfectly with the kitchen’s marble theme. The modern velvet and leather chair, Galea also adds an extra layer of refinement and subtle details such as the Skyline door handles and pulls by PullCast round up the interior.



Spacious in size, the bedroom is extremely well-appointed with some of LUXXU’s most classic pieces as well as novelties. For instance, the presence of the Charla family is rather noticeable, from the lush bed with a massive headboard to complex nightstands with timeless lines, not to mention the dresser that contrasts astoundingly with the Vertigo mirror that is presented in a set of three. By the left side of the bed, the Empire dressing table and bench make their debut whereas, at the bottom of the room, the Galea armchairs become the perfect spot to relax and read a book. Lastly, this bedroom features numerous lighting pieces, including the Waterfall suspension, the Waterfall pendants, and the Skyline wall lights.



As one of the most frequent gathering spots for family and friends, whether to host a movie night or a cocktail party, living rooms should be welcoming and cozy—but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Especially for a client that embraces a minimalist, modern aesthetic to great effect. This space boasts a curated selection of clean-lined, contemporary furnishings warmed up with ever-so-subtle touches like luxurious upholstery, gold details, and high-end marble. The TV Room features the Thomson Sofa, a modular sofa as the focal point of the room, and showcases the NEW Darian TV Cabinet, a custom inspired by a classic line of Luxxu’s furniture. This is a sumptuous piece that blends the splendor of art with a strong personality, that goes together with the Harpia suspension in black nickel and clear glass, made in black and clear glass to fit the room’s clean aesthetic. It’s time to mix a martini, sit down, and stay awhile.




When it comes to entertainment rooms, one of the most important aspects regarding its design is undoubtedly lighting. As a matter of fact, overhead lighting is a must as a well-lit room is a key to winning a game of snooker. By virtue of such, the Pharo small pendant was the selected piece to illuminate this space, playing a unique contrast between delicate and robust. This billiard room is also equipped with a bar and lounge setting in the name of fun and competition, where one can sit comfortably in one of the arrangements available, from the Thomson sofa to the Nura swivel bar chair or even the Charla dining chairs.



Home theaters have become quite representative of the contemporary lifestyle. As a home designed to be the best place in the world, and to fulfill the client’s needs and passion for film, this is a room of the most importance. With an avant-garde design in expression, this room is filled with Charla Armchairs, pieces of boundless elegance that blend luxury and comfort into one, and the Charla Chaise Longue, the ultimate expression of luxury, comfort, and elegance. For that old Hollywood glamour, touches of gold sparkle in the room through the Tycho Small Wall lamps and the Empire Center Table Set II Empire Side table and Tenor Sideboard.



Following the “have it all” concept of this home, of course, it has the best views in Miami. To be able to enjoy the “art of a pleasurable moment”, a daring outdoor design is a must for a luxury experience. Composed of 3 parts, this space was thought to provide Moments of tranquility, connection, and fascination of what matters most in life. The outdoors are under the energizing, radiant sun of Miami, the best place to enjoy these moments in the presence of the people we love. Starting with the squared outdoor pool area, this space is the epitome of reclining, taking a deep breath, and just relaxing. In order to be the ultimate expression of comfort, LUXXU’s arranged this space with some of its most elegant designs that highlight a more neutral allure, from the Galea Grey day bed and sun loungers to the Vertigo XL dining table.

These products were made of high-quality materials combined with exquisite craftsmanship! One of the remaining outdoor spaces is slightly more subtle and intimate, having only a few design elements, so the sweeping views become the focal point. Here, you can find once again neutral furnishings, such as the Anguis sofa, the Galea armchair, and the Thor center table. The second outdoor space is also well-furnished with avant-garde pieces in a highly congenial setting that easily becomes one’s perfect escape from the city to revive the art of lounging. The Hampton upholsteries are classic in nature while the custom Mayer center table and the suspicion side table offer you marble deluxe, rounding up a timeless outdoor area.


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A lavish home isn’t fully living up to its high design if its garage space is lacking in size and style. To complement the refined and polished design of the luxurious home, this premium space is composed with one of the most iconic collections from Luxxu: The Empire chandelier and wall lights, stylish crystal lamps that are the perfect blend of classic and modern design. On the way up, stop and appreciate the beauty and comfort of our Tenor Ottoman, a highly stylish ottoman with a smooth and elegant shape.


Did you enjoy this multi-million dollar house in Miami? Click HERE if you want to discover more!

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