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Celebrity Style | Feb 1, 2022
Why Choose a Hand-Tufted Rug for Your Dining Room

Why Choose a Hand-Tufted Rug for Your Dining Room – If you are looking for dashing and stylish dining room rugs, you have come to the right place. Rug’Society has a wide variety of modern rugs that promise to be truly inspiring. All of the rugs in our selection are handmade by the best Portuguese rug craftsmen, using the hand-tufted technique for a deluxe result.


A dining room must be elegant and refined since it is an area that is daily used by family members but also a place to welcome guests over dinner and for big important events. It must be a practical yet stylish interior. In this article, you will find the finest dining room rugs with a chic design for a luxurious interior. Let our modern rug collection of rugs inspire you for your future interior or renovation projects.

Modern minimalist dining room with Air rug What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?

A minimalist decor such as this one is perfect if you like to combine elegance with functionality. The AIR RUG has a three-dimensional pattern that creates an interesting design and pairs nicely with the velvet dining chairs. The suspension lights add a luxurious feel with their golden color.


AIR RUG What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?
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Modern midcentury dining room with AGATHA RUG What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?

This is a stunning interior with the exquisite AGATHA RUG in shades of gray and blue. This dining room pairs different styles into one. There is the modern rug, midcentury dining chairs and contemporary dining table. What is so great about this interior is that everything comes together in harmony for a dazzling look.

midcentury dining room with colorful SIMBA RUG, oval dining table and round mirror What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?

Normal dining room rugs can’t compare with the unique SIMBA RUG. This piece has a beautiful design and lovely colors that bring the charm out of the dining room. This rug fits especially well in an interior with a lot of wooden furnishing such as this one.




SIMBA RUG What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?




Elegant and luxurious dining room with RUIN RUG in gray colors and golden dining table What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?

This is a luxurious dining room with a stunning rug that has little details that stand out with the darker colored dining chairs and golden dining table. The RUIN RUG, is a unique piece that reminds us of the past and antics civilizations.

luxurious classic styled dining room with Imperial Snake Rug and golden n eleven chairs and suspension lights with gold mirror - What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?

The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG creates a majestic ambiance in this dining room once paired with the golden dining chairs and suspension lights. This is a sophisticated dining room meant to impress.

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Dining Room Rugs

Modern classic dining room with Cell rug, agra round dining table, supernova suspension lights and white dining chairs

The CELL RUG for its neutral color fits nicely in this small dining room. This rug sets the base as it matches with the white table and chairs as well as the suspension lights. The abstract pattern of the rug makes it stand out and be the center of attention in this interior.

Modern contemproary dining room with OCLI RUG in black and white and round AGRA table with midcentury dining chairs and suspension lights

The OCLI RUG is a timeless rug that fits perfectly in any interior. In this contemporary interior, the rug brings modernity and creates a contrast with the white color of the table.

Classic french vintage dining room with VASE RUG and HERA suspension lights

This is a dashing dining room with the classic VASE RUG that covers the floors of this interior. The monochrome color palette of this room makes it graceful and elegant. The dining chairs with their golden details on the back create a majestic feeling.


VASE RUG What Are The Best Modern Hand-Tufted Dining Room Rugs?


Modern contemporary dining room with OSLO RUG and round table with bold and flashy orange chairs

This modern dining room looks extremely cozy thanks to the round OSLO RUG and its shaggy rug. This is one of the softest dining room rugs with extra thick fibers to grant the best comfort. The bold orange dining chairs contrast with the white of the rug, creating an interesting combination.

Modern contemporary dining room with neutral version of AGATHA RUG with suspension lights and naj dining chairs

Neutral dining room rugs are perfect for a comfortable and graceful ambient. The neutral version of the AGATHA RUG paired with the red dining chairs creates a dashing ambient.

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