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Celebrity Style | Jul 17, 2022
Contemporary Furniture Favorites Ideas in 2022 | Free Download

Contemporary Furniture Favorites Ideas in 2022 | Free Download – Caffe Latte Home presents its freshly brewed set of contemporary pieces. A new book that will surely inspire, and help you bring to life any contemporary aesthetic with neutral pieces where comfort and ergonomy are mixed with high-end designed furniture, lighting and accessory pieces. Take a sip off the hottest new designs from this amazing brand!

Odisha Center Table

Inspired by the vast plains of the Odisha region in eastern India, the Odisha Center Table blends perfectly four materials into one exquisitely designed furniture piece. Subtle and contemporary by its design, but distinguished by its uniqueness and versatility. A smoked tempered glass top merges with bronze tempered glass for a contemporary feel, creating little compartments for utility as well. The two tempered glasses sit over a strong walnut veneer squared base with a refined epoxy dark bronze finish, brewing the perfect coffee table for all living room designs.

Boma Sideboard

The Boma Plateau is a region in the east of South Sudan and is also one of the few places where the wild coffea arabica grows. This breathtaking landscape serves as inspiration for the Boma Sideboard design, where the round inox aged detail protrudes from the organic pattern of the decape wood, resembling the fantastic mountain that emerges from the plains of the Boma Natural Park. The use of this specific Decapé veneer makes this piece a modern and particular design that suits perfectly every type of aesthetic.

Nougat Desk

The Nougat Desk is inspired by the shape and combination of coffee and chocolate, where the harmonious flavors combine perfectly for an overwhelming taste experience. Fulfilling your cravings for something rich, this high-end desk makes for a deluxe aesthetic the same way chocolate resonates with coffee. The cracks in aged brushed brass over the Nero Marquina marble in the top and legs, resemble the flavorful almonds emerging from the dark chocolate nougat. A desk to indulge in an elegant and modern office.

Gommosa Sofa

Café Gommosa is an energizing, sweet, and pleasant drink, a delicate expresso over some soft marshmallows. The Gommosa Sofa combines and transpires those exact characteristics. Rounded, organic shapes of the sofa, with such a delicious and comfortable appeal of the upholstery. Soft as a marshmallow and exciting as the expresso, this sofa is the ultimate homage to comfort, appealing to the coziness and warmth of the living room.

Breve II Dining Table

Breve is a strong coffee-based espresso drink mixed with steamed half-and-half milk. So, just like the exciting drink, this round dining table serves the same amount of glamour and flavor to any dining setting. A bold and dramatic leg gives an appealing look to the table, by organically mixing portoro marble with a chic brushed aged brass. The sleek and crafty round walnut top serves a modern character to the table. Breve Dining Table is also very versatile, where you can choose a white olimpic marble as the main finish, to provide a richer and even glamorous look.

Freddo Dining Chair

Inspired by the mix of hues and colors created in the iced or cold milk over a steaming hot coffee in the greek Freddo coffee. Like the drink, this chic and minimal Freddo Dining Chair is a sublime and tasteful addition to a dining room, with the softness of the boucle seating and back, a walnut stain matte varnish in its two legs and a long back in stainless steel dark bronze varnish, complete the highly contemporary and minimal design.

Canephora Mirror

Though widely known as Coffea robusta, the plant is scientifically identified as Coffea canephora, from which the name of this three-set mirror is taken. The Canephora Mirror borrows inspiration not only from the name but from the organic shapes of the coffee beans produced by this plant as well. A set composed of different sized mirrors, with forms resembling three coffee beans made with extremely high-quality handcrafted techniques, with a reflecting surface enclosed by an exquisite aged brass frame. A versatile piece, ideal for an entrance or energizing a living room aesthetic.

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