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Celebrity Style | Sep 11, 2021
Exclusive Interview With Beyond Beige

Exclusive Interview With Beyond Beige – Continue talking about the top interior designers of the entire world, today we will share we you an inspirational interview with the creator of the brand Beyond Beige, Reisa Pollard. Reisa Pollard’s been an interior design lover since her early teens when she had no idea that saving her allowance to buy wallpaper for her bedroom would to a lifelong passion of owning her own business and having a team of talented interior designers. She is a graduate in Fine Arts from The University of British Columbia and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Interior Design at BCIT in her hometown Vancouver.

Photographer: Provoke Studios

Reisa Pollard then combined her desire to be an entrepreneur with her love of design to create a one-of-a-kind design firm. Beyond Beige was born and quickly became one of the top interior design firms in Vancouver. Bucking trends and instead opting to investigate what resonates with the client, her designs are as diverse and unique as her clientele.


The clients are the center of Beyond Beige and the motive of the existence of the brand. It’s creating change in general and for the clients and understanding the way clients live and how Reisa Pollard and Beyond Beige can infuse factors into their environment that they will enjoy and benefit from that makes them love is work!

“My relationship with my clients is intimate, personable and I try to always be relatable.”

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This is what makes the brand Beyond Beige feel fulfilled professionally: “When the clients tell us that they could not achieve the end result without us and our team celebrates this accomplishment.”

That’s why Raisa Pollard said to us that the most challenging time in her career was in 2008 when the economy took a turn and the sentiment was that the public was not interested in using a designer. Reisa Pollard didn’t have everything she wants in life. She always wants more and always has goals that she tries and achieves. Now, her dream is to build her own dream house.


The most recent project that Beyond Beige is working is on a penthouse with 300 squares foot patio and a pool. The style chose for this building is an inspirational combination of the New York Cool and the Miami Fun for the creation of the ultimate place for entertainment. Also, Beyond Beige is now collaborating with a diffuser company called Vitruvi and is going to continue to use their products for photoshoots in the future.

For now, Reisa Pollard says that mindful design and the consciousness of the products that the brands are using is the trend of the design world. Also, the clients increasingly want something outside the box or personal to their lifestyles. “People are being more reflective of their space, and it shows in their designs.”


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Craftsmanship is something that Raisa Pollard really cares about:

“From my own personal experience to going to the manufacturer, I think Porcelanosa is leading the way in craftmanship for ceramic tiles. This tile company is leading the way in sustainability by taking leftover tile dust from the floor and using it to recreate new tile. This brand believes inefficiency has the world record for the most amount of weight carried within a space.”

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For Reisa Pollard, the future of design in the world is in the integration of technology and assist in design materials, with products with high quality and without an environmental impact, products that will make the world more sustainable.

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