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Celebrity Style | Oct 1, 2022
Exclusive Interview with Mermar Architecture from Dubai

Exclusive Interview with Mermar Architecture from Dubai – MEMAR Architecture is a high-end company that provides services from architecture and interior design to landscaping and engineering practices. Based in Dubai, UAE, MEMAR delivers services worldwide, always with the motto: Design Your Satisfaction.

MEMAR Architecture was founded in 2008 in Dubai, the chosen home country for the company since it is one of the countries that keep evolving and growing in architecture and interior design. Thus, they wanted to be part of this incredible growth and challenge themselves to add a unique mark to the plan.

MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

Memar’s vision is: “Our unparalleled respectful, knowledgeable, and honest service is one of the prime reasons our clients choose to do business with us continually. We would like to stress at this point that we are committed to bringing your vision to life and to eliciting the enthusiastic dynamic response.”


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MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

In the projects, the design is affected by the client’s personality, and, on the other hand, the design affects the client’s physical and mental health positively by MEMAR’s need to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy life for the clients.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Nature and art are big inspirations for MEMAR. Everything from natural colours, rainbows, flowers, beehives, wasps nests and many more, are elements that they consider when creating new expressions from them and translating them into magnificent designs. Also, trips to different countries, and learning cultures, are also extremely important to the inspirational process.

MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

In MEMAR’s projects, it can be spotted different design styles, such as classical style, new classic, minimal, modern, traditional, and contemporary. Since the company works with different people, from different cultures and backgrounds, they have to make a design style that fits the lifestyle and translates their personality in a functional, healthy, and aesthetic way.

MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

However, there are some guidelines they try to always fit into their projects, such as a neutral colour scheme for a serene and relaxing feel, transparent walls between living areas and landscapes, hidden shelves and cabinets for a neat area, and healthy and environment-friendly materials, and more.

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MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

Get the Look

memar architecture brabbu modern hallway in white tones

When BRABBU asked MEMAR to talk to us about a project that has impacted them, this was the reaction: “Each project has a unique story that our team lives with for days, weeks, and months. Each story impacts the MEMAR design team and becomes a part of them. Moreover, since we learn all of our client’s concerns, fears, and problems and solve them through our services, that leaves a beautiful memory in our team and inspires them”.



MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world

And what about inspiring the future generation of interior design lovers? MEMAR’s team has a clear vision. “You should never expect the best results overnight. Work needs consistency, hard work, passion, and time. Have your own touch in design, be yourself, and think differently. Consider some playfulness and originality to create a functional, structural and aesthetic design. Last but not least, Never stop learning, no matter how far you have gone; always learn new skills, strategies, technologies, styles, and tips. And remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough”.

MEMAR Exclusive interview from dubai to the world


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