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Celebrity Style | Mar 1, 2022
Exclusive Rugs and Carpets For Your Home

Exclusive Rugs and Carpets For Your Home – RUG SOCIETY is a Portuguese brand that has premium and exclusive rugs and offers a unique design service to help you realize the best interior project. A designer rug is essential to create a luxurious and sophisticated home interior, that is why we offer you a curated selection of the 12 most exclusive rugs.


12 Exclusive Rugs: Find The Perfect and Most Luxurious Carpet For Your

Exclusive Rugs For A Stylish Home Interior

Find the best handmade exclusive rugs to style your home interior with grace and elegance. RUG SOCIETY has a wide range of luxurious rug designed by incredible artists and handmade by the best Portuguese craftsmen. Explore this selection of rugs and see for yourself.

The Most Luxurious & Exclusive Rugs

modern mid-century hallway with geometric rug with colorful shapes inspired by picasso's art, the OSCAR RUG can be a beautiful rug to hang on your walls.

The OSCAR RUG is one of the most creative and exclusive rugs there is. This carpet was inspired by the art movement created by Picasso where abstract geometrical shapes come together to create a human figure. This rug is not only great to decorate your floors but can be hung on a wall like a masterpiece.

modern contemporary living room with green rug hanging on the wall. The Moos rug is a fabulous art piece to decor your interior.

The MOOS RUG is a cheerful rug that will bring nature indoors and create a lovely ambient. Paired with contemporary armchairs and a modern side table, this rug stands out for its size and vibrant green abstract pattern that is very eye-catching.

Modern black and white rug with a caligraphy patterned, the black ink rug is a exclusive rug to decorate your living room perfectly.

A luxurious rug like the BLACK INK RUG is perfect for a modern interior, the black details of the rug create a 3D aspect that is very unique. It is a gorgeous piece that will enhance the natural beauty of your room.

12 Exclusive Rugs: Find The Perfect and Most Luxurious Carpet For Your
modern contemporary dining room with black and white urban rug with graffitti patterned hanging on the wall.

This dining room has two exclusive rugs that are each unique in their own way. The WHITE GARDEN RUG is a neutral rug that contrasts nicely with the marbled floors. The INKAHOLIC WALL RUG is more modern with an urban design that adds charisma to your home.


modern urban rug called Inkaholic
contemporary home decor with a gray wall rug with a irregular pattern and pink armchair.


This wall rug has a fabulous aura with its irregular pattern and gray colors. The DÊCO RUG offers a sense of elegance and prestige and pairs really well with velvet armchairs and modern furnishing. The Rug inspired by the Art Deco movement is one of the most premium and exclusive rugs out of its collection.

Modern contemporary living room with neutral colors and the TERRAZZO RUG, a rectangular rug with triangular pieces pattern.

The neutral colors of this living room create a peaceful ambient that is highlighted by the TERRAZZO RUG, a graceful rug inspired by Italian trends in fashion. It is a lovely rug with soft tones that will fit nicely into a mid-century room.

The Best Exclusive Rugs

Luxurious rug in neutral colors hanging on the wall with a unique shape. the mermaid rug is beauty itself

Rug’Society has created the MERMAID Rug, the fourth in the lounge line, with unrestricted creativity. It transfers the sea’s delicacy, alluring beauty, and sensuality to us, inspired by the feminine depiction of the sea. An exquisite, one-of-a-kind rug made of botanical silk and lurex that enhances the comfort and attractiveness of your space.

Modern contemporary dining room with blue wall rug decorating the room. the Madeira Rug is a stunning rug.

This dining room is quite dark and mysterious, the MADEIRA RUG with its blue and gray tones bring some colors and charm to this interior. This is a hand-tufted rug made of natural wool and botanical silk that proves that we can bring nature’s strength and elegance into our homes.


blue and gray rug with a touch of green, the madeira rug is a beautiful piece
12 Exclusive Rugs: Find The Perfect and Most Luxurious Carpet For Your
Modern mid-century living room with mid-century gray geometric rug. the Joh rug is a unique and fashionable rug there is.

The JOH RUG is one of the best mid-century exclusive rugs out of the geometric rug collection. The gray tones of this rug mixed with these geometric shapes creates an innovative design that could be seen as abstract art. This rug is perfect to be hung on a wall with style.

urban wall decor with the graffitti rug with a colorful pattern in hallway

KOTTA RUG was inspired by animal prints and is the ideal modern rug to bring the beauty of nature into your home. As it decorates the floors of this room nicely, the urban wall rug brings some color and turns this room into a lively interior design.

minimalist hallway decor with black and white wall rug, the VASE RUG is a art piece that has an optical illusion.

The VASE RUG is a minimalist classic rug with a great twist. This rug is unique for the optical illusion it offers when one looks at its design from different angles. This shows that “less can be more”.

Modern mid-century blue wall rug with geometric forms to create a geometric shape. The Mira rug is a lovely mid-century rug that will turn you room into a art gallery.

The MIRA RUG is the image of Cleopatra in a cubist language, where life arises in the shape of color, leading us on a journey via the communion of cultures and style. Hand-tufted in floral silk, this bespoke rug deconstructs old notions with strong and basic plans, demonstrating the influence of history on current design.

mira rug - blue geometric rug inspired by cubism.


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