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Celebrity Style | Sep 13, 2021
Interview with Marisa Gallo: Future Projects and Casa Décor Exhibition

Interview with Marisa Gallo: Future Projects and Casa Décor Exhibition – Marisa Gallo needs no introduction. The interior designer has been making waves in the design field, and after presenting her one-of-a-kind exhibition at Casa Décor Madrid, we decided to talk with her to know more about her unique signature style and next projects!

Image Credit: Marisa Gallo


Marisa, you are passionate about decoration almost since you started walking since you changed the furniture from one place to another in your house. What has motivated you to follow this passion for the world of design? What are the main design names that inspire you?

Marisa Gallo: I think that this profession is very vocational, and in which it is necessary to feel what you do. I decided to continue down this path because it is what really made me happy, and what better thing than to be able to work on what you like. In Spain, I greatly admire Luis Bustamante, Pascua Ortega, the creativity of Lazaro Rosa-Violan… and I am also very inspired by Kelly Wearslet, for her risky designs.



Image Credit: Marisa Gallo

You are known by selecting good quality pieces and many details among the furniture to achieve cozy and homely spaces where life is pleasant and comfortable. How do you manage to combine functionality and aesthetics in your projects?

MG: First of all, we must listen to the client, their needs, and once analyzed we must be functional without losing aesthetics. I think that all good projects have to have common sense.

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Image Credit: Marisa Gallo



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Do you think that the pandemic has caused a new perspective from people about their homes? Since they spend more time at home, the details that previously went unnoticed now begin to bother.

MG: Absolutely, the pandemic has made us think a lot in all aspects. We give much more value to our home, which is aesthetically better, more comfortable, and functional, and solutions to telework are also sought, something that was practically not done before.


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Image Credit: Marisa Gallo

Besides residential projects, commercial areas are also part of your portfolio. The Flamingo restaurant provides a concept that revolves around a tropical and colorful aesthetic combined with a cosmopolitan atmosphere to transform the space into a place to disconnect from the hectic pace of the city of Madrid. Do you think that the environments and your decoration influence the mood of the people?

MG: Yes, I think that the light and colors of a space greatly influence the state of mind and have to fit in with the client.



Image Credit: Marisa Gallo

You also work in Latin America. Does the working method for these projects differ a lot from the one followed for those you carry out in Spain?

MG: The development of the project is the same whether it is in Spain or in any other part of the world. Nowadays communication is very easy. The most “complicated” thing would be to go to see the house, make the measurements, and the possible visits to work since the trips require more time. But it is very interesting to know other ways of living and to be able to develop projects in different countries. The assembly moment is very exciting and we really enjoyed it.

Image Credit: Marisa Gallo

What cannot be missing in a space, according to Marisa Gallo?

MG: Good lighting, some vegetation, flowers, objects, art … A good props, in the end the final detail defines the style a lot.

What is the trend for next year in interior design?

MG: Sustainable, natural materials and very livable spaces.

What is your favorite project?

MG: My favorite project is the one where the client is happy.



What would you like to do as an interior designer that you haven’t done yet?

MG: Yes, I would love to be able to make a boutique hotel

Image Credit: Marisa Gallo

Could you tell us a bit about the space you present at Casa Decor Madrid?

MG: Our home decor space this year has been designed for Bang & Olufsen, and the space has revolved around their wonderful product. We have created a living room with different environments where you can enjoy television and sound, a very technological space. Geometric lines are very present, neutral colors, black and white, and some brushstrokes of blue. Curved and organic shapes are also on-trend and we have incorporated them into our design. In short, we have created a space that invites you to enjoy it.

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