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Celebrity Style | Aug 23, 2021
PAD Space Artisan | Best Interior Designers in Bangkok

PAD Space Artisan | Best Interior Designers in Bangkok – PAD Space Artisan is an interior and landscape design firm whose passion is bringing any kind of space to life with its expertise and craftsmanship. Hailing from Bangkok and brought to you by Aticha Chareerat, the firm brings together a team of highly motivated, young, and talented designers looking to make an impression in the local and regional markets. We spoke to Aticha a bit about her design journey and now it’s time to share it with you!

Aticha Chareerat looks at design as a solution and she believes in the power of a final product that truly reflects the thinking process behind it. When we asked her about what she loves the most in her work, she was prompt in her answer – “As an entrepreneur, what I love most about my work is the process of coming up with a design solution. The moment I can figure out a good balance of everything – from concept design to sketches, to detail drawings, and site inspection – I feel a kind of sensation that could hardly be explained. I believe that the process from start to finish is most important and incredibly fascinating how the finished products could reflect on the thinking process and teach you to be a better designer”. 

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“At PAD, we had numerous condominium projects with the real estate developers; the works involved a lot of integration of several business units – for example, we needed to digest the owner’s expectations and requirements, the branding’s specifications, the marketing’s unique selling point, and the composition of space and scale. In many cases, the main objectives were to make small spaces feel larger. We also needed to be very creative on the design narratives to align with the marketing and branding team in terms of coming up with the wow factor while working on a tight deadline to meet the projects’ timeline. On top of that, the budgets were also a big factor which we had to keep in mind and consult within the design team in choosing suitable materials and installation”, Aticha told us.” The most challenging part, I would say, was when the client wanted to change the design direction and to be able to create alternative design selections on short notice. Strategy is of utmost importance”, she continued.

“I think the experience that I have for this design industry taught me to take the leap and to dare, to foresee the uncertainties, and be aware in terms of design and practicality especially during the construction phase, years of experience allow me to foresee what has the tendencies to go wrong, what are preventable or to fix things before they escalate. I believe this is a specific skill earned in a professional. It doesn’t happen overnight or because someone is smart, but it is earned from years of experience and hard work.”  – Aticha Chareerat


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Of course, we had to ask about PAD’s inspiration behind current projects. “I used to think out loud that it will be an absolute dream if I can define the space, to begin with rather than only decorating the inside. I would have created much greater work. I mean, if I could also be an architect, then I could design the space that defines and controls natural light to make the interior alive as lighting plays such a significant role in interior design. In normal practice as interior designers, we must be well grounded on lighting both natural and artificial sources of light as they affect the outcome of the overall mood and tone. Lighting could make or break you, it could make a space more upscale, romantic, or calm. So, this is something that I now try perfecting during the lockdown”, she said.

“Since the world is experiencing Covid-19 where more than 50% of us are still working from home – simple, sustainable designs are destined to happen. In my opinion, people would want neutral and prolong design in their homes that they could both work and live with. But of cause, there remain statement pieces where accent colors and textures that express the DNA of the space.” – Aticha Chareerat

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Also, Aticha Chareerat gave us insight when we asked about future collaborations“I like to study local craftsmanship and recycle materials. It will be interesting if we can make use of them and turn them into beautiful wallcovering or statement furniture. I need to further my thoughts and studies to make it happen. We might collaborate with Covet or another supplier to create products that help reduce waste or help local artisans to remain in the industry”, she revealed.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our behaviors and lifestyles. Some of the “new normal” will become the norm and long-term practices such as working from home, online shopping, social distancing, etc. All of the above said affect the design from space to function planning, to circulation, air ventilation, hygienic material, and sanitization. We need to be prepared to adapt, design and take part in problem-solving in the near future”. – Aticha Chareerat

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