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Celebrity Style | Sep 9, 2021
Step Inside: Mont Blanc Luxurious Retreat by Luxxu
Luxury House at Mont Blanc, luxury bedroom

Step Inside: Mont Blanc Luxurious Retreat by Luxxu – Mont Blanc is one of the most visually appealing locations in the world and the most famous mountain of the French Alps. Credited as the perfect place to build winter homes with breathtaking views and serenity all year round, it easily became the perfect destination for LUXXU’s next project venture.


Contemplate The Luxurious Discretion Of Every Room

The Entryway To Escape Any Turmoil

Setting the tone for the entire house, this entryway displays the Vertigo mirror of towering proportions that is classily embraced by a schist wall, a recurrent theme throughout, where its brass frame certainly pops, alongside the Scarp console and the Noir stool.

The Exquisiste Merger Of Dining & Living

Benefiting from an open concept, the dining and living room space was designed to embody a sense of grandiosity, timelessness, and brightness. It is rather generous in scale and, as such, is well-appointed with a plethora of remarkable furniture and lighting designs curated by LUXXU.

When it comes to furniture elements, the Saboteur Swivel single sofa and the Thomson sofa become crucial upholstery parts of the decor while the Vertigo long side tables introduce a sublime and sleek touch. Undoubtedly, a luxurious living room design is not complete without the presence of an eccentric chandelier, a set of Explosion suspensions were placed in the middle of the room.


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The walls present a roughed appearance courtesy of schist, seamlessly contrasting with the wooden flooring. With a strong structure made of brass, wood, and marble and a rectangular glass top, the Bellagio dining table becomes the idyllic centerpiece. This setting is further enhanced by dining chairs that balance luxury and comfort to a whole new level as these modern designs are enveloped in gray leather and velvet and feature polished brass details.

The Shard suspension makes quite an impressive statement with its strong character as well as brass and crystal glass accents, inspired by the iconic Shard London Bridge building. Other design elements added to this setting include the Darian sideboard and the Scala mirror, both of which highlight a dynamic yet irregular aesthetic.

A Master Hideout In A Master Bedroom

The selection of designs for the master bedroom was centered around the idea of luxury and intimacy while also absorbing stunning views and nature’s grace. LUXXU opted to blend the stone walls that match perfectly with the bedroom’s centerpieces, the Château bed, and the Waltz nightstands. Furthermore, LUXXU combines luxury and comfort in a rather visible manner, adding touches of dainty glamour with the Waterfall pendants and table lamp. The Tenor ottoman adds another layer of sophistication.


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The decor benefits from a nature-inspired color scheme with contrasts of gold and grey as well as hints of green. Materials such as stone and wood were used together to create an ultimately beautiful and relaxing interior.

Many of LUXXU’s design series was introduced to this bedroom, including the Waltz, Empire, and Saboteur families. In addition, the master bedroom is completed with remarkable furnishings such as the Anguis Sofa, the new Empire Center Table Set III, and the Empire mirror, which receives a smooth glow from the Harpia suspensions.

Lastly, a jacuzzi was also added to explore the winter retreat fantasy to the fullest. This larger-than-life bedroom design becomes an impressive statement with luxury details.


A Bathroom That Is The Epitome Of Privacy And Luxury

The master bathroom suite shares a similar schist aesthetic as the other divisions but also conveys the brand’s mission to embody the surroundings inside the home and interpret a new modern design with exquisite quality. The Majestic Suspension II, whose golden plated brass and crystal glass cylinders, steals the show and illuminates a set of one-of-kind bathroom furnishings, such as the Darian center table and washbasins as well as the Shield Oval mirror. The Waterfall wall lamps become an extra source of smooth lighting.

Moreover, a walk-in shower makes quite a statement. It was blended with foliage of greenery to add a more natural feel to this setting and the Darian bathtub easily becomes its centerpiece as its cluster of asymmetrical brass bars and black leather structure play a stunning contrast with the bathroom’s color scheme.

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Darian Center Table

The Perfect Teenager Retreat

A teenager’s bedroom is all about self-expression. To illustrate such a notion, LUXXU opted for a color scheme consisting of browns, grays, and terracotta while following an organic architecture that showcases all the splendor of materials such as schist and wood. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for panoramic mountain views. Since the client’s teenager is an avid fan of sports and an adventure seeker, a few trendy gear elements were hung on the walls to highlight their dauntless spirit, from a pair of snowboards to a bicycle.

To encourage the teen’s passion for creativity and art, LUXXU helped curate the room with some modern pieces of art that complement the classic yet modern furniture pieces. The custom Château Bed leads the way of the sleeping area, while designs such as the Draycott floor lamp, the Athos mirror, and the Ocadia armchair make this space even more intriguing.

In the lounging area, two pop-styled sculptures make it more playful whereas the Anguis sofa, the Mayer center table, and an ultra-modern graphic rug offer an extra layer of sophistication in a cool fashion. The innovative Darian TV cabinet rounds up this sublime entertainment area.

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Anguis sofa


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