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Celebrity Style | Oct 8, 2021
Sun Tianwen | Best Interior Designers from Shanghai

Sun Tianwen | Best Interior Designers from Shanghai – SHANGHAI Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design co. Ltd is a design company with the concept of rationality and innovation. It provides creative solutions to problems in commercial space design for clients in the fields of large hotels, boutique hotels, high-end hotels, clubs, offices, and so on. Stylish and Simplicity, are the company’s philosophies, such as challenging the boundaries of design. Sun Tianwen is the chief designer of the company.  The designer plays with space, light, and color to trick the eye and influence emotions.



About Tianwen Sun

Tianwen Sun‘s passion lays in the artistic conception and atmosphere that is created in the space. For him, it is hard to keep challenging the boundaries of design. On his recent office project, he wanted to show a new interpretation of minimalist design and also meet the demand of the client. This way he needed to find a balance between both ideas. He kept updating his knowledge to overcome and challenge the field.


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Describing the relationship with his audience, Tianwen Sun told us that he wants to give them a touching and sensorial experience. The designer defends that it should be kept simples, and there is no need to overuse the design language, as well as there is no need to overfill the space. He believes that the important thing about any project is carefully using the basics, reconstruct the elements, and keep a good balance. Nevertheless, he explained to us that he doesn’t have a special way of communicating or adverting his work. The designer truly believes that when the audience walks into the project, they feel what he would like to express.  Recently, he has been working on two new projects: an office building and a sales office of a real state company.


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To finalise

About craftsmanship, the designer admits that it is very important in the process, but nowadays there are other technologic tools that can be used. “A good designer or a good craftsman, are all very important in the process. But new ways of producing such as 3d scan, laser, etc. would give more responsibility to a designer.” – said Tianwen Sun.  “New tools and materials can help us to discover more ways to express a different dimension of a design, for example, LED give us more freedom in light design, but it will always come back to a pure idea or concept that express the heart of a design.” – said Sun about the design’s future.

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