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Celebrity Style | Oct 1, 2021
Vicente Wolf | Interview with Acclaimed New York City-Based Designer

Vicente Wolf | Interview with Acclaimed New York City-Based Designer – Vicente Wolf is known for his clear, restrained, and elegant aesthetic.  A passionate traveler, Vicente Wolf’s frequent jaunts to exotic destinations provide him with a global perspective that he weaves into his designs.  His interiors incorporate these authentic, globally-sourced artifacts and furnishings with modern décor in a warm palette capturing a sense of earthy charisma and timelessness.  Wolf’s spaces ‘travel’ through time and remain relevant and meaningful environments for his discerning client roster.


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‘Creating, pure and simple.’ – This was what Vicent Wolf response when we ask what he loves the most about his work. He finds that home design is like seeing a flower open and reveal itself. The discovery of inventiveness and having it all come together – to the client’s surprise and delight.

The most challenging time of Vincent Wolf’s career was the time of covid. ‘I think now is the most challenging time, given the environment with Covid. It’s a time to not overcome but to go with the flow and stay the course with what’s right in front of me.’ – said the interior designer.

As a young refugee from Cuba, Vincent Wolf’s teenage time through young adult years was tough. Everything that has come for him since his life has been an unexpected outcome of being in the right place at the right time. He has more good fortune than one could hope. So, asking to wish more is asking for too much.



These are the dreams that Vincent Wolf sill lingering on to: ‘Having a six-pack stomach. Finding a new place to travel to that I haven’t been to before. My soul is at peace when I am visiting new lands and discovering other cultures, which in turn, informs my creativity.’

What makes Vincent Wolf feel fulfilled professionally is the great satisfaction of seeing his complete work appreciated by his clients. Seeing his plants grow and bloom in the springtime, and being appreciative by his work.


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Vincent Wolf loves Instagram to communicate with his audience. The platform allows him not just to show his work to an appreciative audience, but also to convey his personal point of view of his designs. Sharing the creative process with his followers allows him to communicate a piece of himself, which is what he believes the clients are also responding to.

He is also working on a book, which is in the middle of it. As with his other works, it will further ofter a more complete understanding of his work. Also, Vincent Wolf loves to lecture, because there he has a chance to really connect personally. His favorite part is the Q&A.

Vincent Wolf is working on exciting new projects and here is what he tells us about the theme: ‘One of my projects jumps to mind. I am working on a house on one of the islands of Miami Beach. The client asked me to be inspired by Havana and my memories of the country. Delving into bygone memories and accessing them for inspiration has been enlightening and a little wistful. Remembering my childhood in vivid living color has, as you can imagine, brought up a plethora of emotions. Juxtaposing them with the current vistas of my life has been inspiring on many levels.’ We will stay attentive to the news and tell you everything.

About trends of the design world, Vincent Wolf believes is definitely, a more casual lifestyle as well as homeowners expressing their individuality personalities in their homes. Also, more color and infusion of pattern in a comfortable setting,

The clients of Vincent Wolf are, especially, professionals with many being in the public eye. Most of them are private. Very family-oriented, entrepreneurial, and want their homes to be comfortable and inviting for themselves, for their families as well as guests. They want to be surprised by a new outlook on their homes and are willing to take chances based on their knowledge and experiences and trust in its interior designer.

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‘I have been working with Wynn Resorts on several restaurants and public spaces and I am currently working on a lounge for their Wynn Encore Boston Harbor hotel. For this project, I am recreating the posh glamour of the 60’s or 70s lounges, while also adding intimate details so that it also has a cozy feel. I’ve been working with the Saatva mattress brand on designing their retail stores, recreating the mattress shopping experience. For them, we are designing ‘viewing rooms’ rather than stores. Here customers will have the opportunity to experience Saatva’s products in a warm, personal environment, that they have not experienced before.’ – said Vincent Wolf when we ask about interesting collaborations in the future.





When we ask about craftsmanship, Vincent Wolf said to us that he thinks interior designers who are creating their own custom designs in quality workrooms will be at the forefront of the industry. Trusted metalworks, upholsterers, cabinetry workrooms, etc., who can produce the range of vision expressed by the designer will be their most important asset.

Also, the customization of everything, like Vincent Wolf said previously, will be the focus of the design world in the future, and the realization that they are being hired to be creative not to be shoppers. Interior designers need the powers that be in the design industry to promote our worth as creative people. Media outlets and publications must promote the work of interior designers in a more meaningful, intelligent way. They have seen an Instagramization, celebrity-driven shift in the shelters that in many cases does not do the quality of the design, nor the design professional justice. Without greater integrity, he is afraid their industry is at risk of disappearing.




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