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Luxury Neighborhoods | Oct 26, 2022
Best Interior Designers in Portugal | Oitoemponto

Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal –  Celebrity Homes presents the work of Oitoemponto, a design company established in Portugal in 1993. Keep reading to discover more about them!


Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal


After developing his talent for many years in fashion, in Portugal and Sweden, Artur Miranda diversified into interior design. Following his resolutely modern and innovative design approach for that time in Portugal, he created Oitoemponto in 1993. Two years later, Jacques Bec joined him, bringing his own very personal French touch from Paris.


Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal

They started working in public and commercial places, but their common taste for sophisticated and personalized surroundings soon leads them to develop their creativity in private places – which is now the main part of their job.

Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal

In 2002, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec decide to open a space where they can exhibit their numerous creations such as furniture, carpets, and light fitments. In this 300 m2 showroom, a specialized selection of objects brought from their frequent travels abroad can be found – from Hervé Van Der Straeten´s bronzes to vintage and contemporary furniture.

Editor’s choice:

Pharo II Small Wall Lamp

Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal

And a selection of contemporary art. In this big open space, situated in the heart of Porto, Oitoemponto offers a studio where a vast team of professionals develops all kinds of projects. In 2007, Artur and Jacques embraced a new challenge – Architecture.

Oitoemponto: Interior Design From Portugal

The team was reinforced with young architects and Oitoemponto was ready to offer its clients a global project. Extremely concerned with the spirit of a place, Oitoemponto creates very personal and cosmopolitan atmospheres.

Editor’s choice:

Liberty Floor Lamp




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