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Luxury Neighborhoods | Jul 9, 2022
Contemporary Modern Armchairs That You Will Love

Contemporary Modern Armchairs That You Will Love – For your home, did you require a new armchair? The best armchair designs with a luxurious modern look may be found right here! Go on reading!

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New Armchair Design By Circu

Lotus Armchair

Armchair Design

The perennially precious and divine Lotus Flower has a long and illustrious history in the myths of various nations and civilizations. Such inspirational history and such a recognizable shape could not go unnoticed by Circu.

With every petal serving as inspiration, we took the mission of bringing the already well-known magical background of the flower into reality. A modern appeal with a contemporary touch and fully upholstered in a soft and delicate velvet fabric, the Lotus Armchair is everything you need for your interiors: A Whimsical and Ergonomic armchair design.

Lewis Armchair

Armchair Design

On the Isle of Lewis, the Callanish Standing Stones are one of Scotland’s oldest and most magical monuments, and they inspired Merida’s ring of stones in “Brave.” Circu was inspired by this as well and shaped this piece of upholstery to seem like rocks and natural formations.

Lewis Armchair is a modern piece that employs fluidity to convey warmth and comfort by combining two very different fabrics: a soft boucle for the sitting and back, and a delicate velvet for the back frame. The golden plated feet provide a touch of elegance to the armchair design, as well as a sense of mystique and enchantment.


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Cuddle Armchair

Armchair Design

We bet you can’t imagine anything more loving and nurturing than a parent’s tight embrace. The Cuddle Armchair was inspired and designed to recreate that warm and soothing feeling, the comfort and secure spot in everyone’s life: a parent figure.

Cuddle Rocking Chair

Armchair Design

The Cuddle Rocking Chair was inspired and designed to recreate that warm and soothing feeling, the comfort and secure spot in everyone’s life: a parent figure. The curvature of this armchair design provides an organic modern aesthetic, the boucle upholstered seating and back are true homages to the sentiment of being in our parent’s lap. Rock your chair until your child falls into a deep sleep (and maybe you too).

New Armchair Design By Covet Collection

Fractal Logo Armchair

Armchair Design

fractal is a never-ending pattern that repeats itself in the loop. This elegant leather armchair design rises from the beauty of chaos as a strong character.

Steppe Armchair

Armchair Design

In physical geography, a steppe is an ecoregion characterized by grassland plains without trees apart from those near rivers and lakes, another very familiar landscape in Patagonia, which served as the inspiration for the natural curves and shapes of the Steppe Armchair. A comfortable and appealing armchair design, upholstered in a soft moss green velvet and a subtle metal champagne foot.

Sarsen Armchair

Armchair Design

This contemporary armchair design piece follows the same inspiration as the Sarsen family, where Sarsen stones are sandstone blocks that may be found in large quantities in the United Kingdom. These are the stones used in the ancient and enigmatic Stonehenge. For a modern and minimalistic look, fabrics with stone-like hues and a clean and streamlined design were chosen for the Sarsen Armchair. A superb textured single-tone boucle upholstery, characterized by its detailed stitching. Finally, adding the sublime granite stone, which brings a one-of-a-kind and luxurious touch.

New Armchair Design By Essential Home

Xenon Armchair

Armchair Design

The Xenon Armchair follows the same fun inspiration then it’s family members and takes you back in time to the fashionable late 70s New York streets. Its softness and rounded low lounge look provide the ultimate individual comfort that you will feel like you are sitting in the clouds. This bespoke armchair design by Draga & Aurel can be the perfect accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or home office.

Elo Armchair

Armchair Design

The Elo Armchair is an explosive mix of glamour and vibrance that takes you back to the late 70s. This armchair design was designed while listening to the hard-rock and orchestral melodies of the iconic British band Electric Light Orchestra. ELO is a large comfortable armchair with geometrical shapes that promises to shine in any interior design project, from hospitality, to commercial and residential.

Nepentha Armchair

Armchair Design

The Nepentha Armchair surely has an interesting background story behind its inspiration. Draga and Aurel wanted to capture the allure of one of Milan’s most famous nightclubs in the 80s called ‘Nepentha Club’. Its wire structure is complemented with a soft upholstery detail that provides comfort and design excellency all at once. This armchair design can easily be a part of any interior design project, five stars hotel, or luxurious balcony.

New Armchair Design By Luxxu

Gladia Armchair

Armchair Design

As powerful as its inspiration, the Gladia Armchair design came to bring the ultimate comfort to any bedroom, living area, or hospitality project through timeless and distinctive lines. An upholstery solution made with black lacquered, polished brass, gray synthetic leather, and gray velvet that reveals the power of modern design.

Galea Armchair

Armchair Design

Galea is a glamorous armchair design that blends ancient with modern. It draws inspiration from a helmet worn by warriors in the Roman Empire and is brought to life through traditional production techniques. The result is a Brass, wood & velvet modern armchair, which elegant silhouette ensures it’s perfect for upscale restaurants and modern dining rooms.

Otto Swivel Armchair

Armchair Design

The Otto Swivel Armchair has a unique round shape that provides impeccable comfort and style. The new member of the Otto family exudes a mid-century vibe and luxury design, as it’s made with the most precious materials by amazing craftsmen.

New Armchair Design By Brabbu

Dukono II Armchair

Armchair Design

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Just like Dukono II Armchair, fully upholstered in grey velvet. Place it in modern home decor and watch this armchair design fill the room with its strong attitude.

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