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Luxury Neighborhoods | Mar 20, 2021
Interview |The Head Design of a Multi-Million Dollar Project in Russia

Interview |The Head Design of a Multi-Million Dollar Project in Russia – Celebrity Homes had the opportunity to interview the rising star designer, Francisca Ferreira, currently the head designer for the Covet House Studio. The artist has recently embraced a very ambitious and massive project for an 8.5$ Million Modern Classic Villa in St. Petersburg, and we wanted to know more not only about this project, but also a peek inside the curtains on the life of the young designer as well.

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“Ultimately this project represents the soul of Covet House, curated pieces, some of them were customized and even bespoke pieces made specifically for this project.”, said Francisca Ferreira, the designer in charge of the project. 


Modern House Caffe Latte


Francisca has a degree in architecture but always loved interior design, and knew it was her path, it was ” passion for the smallest details, colors, textures and the rhythm between every element that excites me”, she added. Francisca has been working with Covet House brands and is the perfect person to combine the different brands the luxury interior design group combines. “The brand gave me the opportunity to work with top luxury brands that would perfectly fit this design. The gold details and expressions in the pieces of Boca do Lobo and Luxxu for instance, were perfect for this project, because of all the monotone marble flooring’s, they are truly art pieces, and they stand out so well from the architecture of the spaces. Also, the possibilities were endless, with all their inspirations it was so easy to play with lighting, upholstery and other accessories that complemented each other.”, she completed.

This secluded villa is the first of a series of luxury houses created by COVET HOUSE with the purpose of inspiring professionals and design lovers to new heights in this new era. The 8.5 million, 500 m2 mansion in Russia presents elegant bespoke interiors with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements. With 9 rooms to explore, this marvellous project has its own signature and language, with a very clear message, without being too loud or overpowering, every single detail is carefully put together to provide an ultimate luxury home.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


“The heart of the house, the living room, my personal favourite. Designed with every detail carefully thought out”, said Francisca, when asked about her thoughts on the final project. 

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


“It all starts with the entryway, A play on marbles, the high ceiling and reflective surfaces provide a wider feel to the house, next we have the heart of the house, the living room, my personal favorite. Designed with every detail carefully thought out to fulfill a powerful aesthetic, but also a comfortable, contemporary, and high end-setting. A room decorated by mixing various textures and materials. The dining area, connected to the open kitchen, and consisting of a unique dining table that embodies handmade techniques. The master bedroom was designed concise and not bright so that nothing would interfere with the rest. Wooden soft panels give the interior a soft touch and smooth the impression of dark walls that contrast with the light ceiling and floor, annexed to a very functional and appealing walk-in closet. The distinctive marble pattern in the bathroom resembles the river current, it was a play on nature. Also, I’ve designed the kid bedroom, which was quite a challenge to create a fun yet luxury set, but ultimately ended up being a very exciting design. And finally, we have a full-on black office attire, my homage to an all-modern style decor”, said Covet House Studio Designer.


The result is a very comfortable home fit for the modern luxury lifestyle. “This project is a staple on luxury design. We mixed high-end furniture pieces with a modern aesthetic and shaped them into reality.”



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