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Most Expensive Homes | Sep 28, 2021
Bernd Radaschitz | Craftsman and Entrepreneur from Austria

Bernd Radaschitz | Craftsman and Entrepreneur from Austria – Bernd Radaschitz is the CEO of bespoke kitchen design brand LANSERRING. With beginnings in The Radaschitz’s  family workshop in Riegersburg, Austria, LANSERRING was founded by Bernd and his brother in 2017, who also run a family joinery business established by their great-grandfather in 1923.

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About Bernd Radaschitz

We spoke with Bernd Radaschitz and asked what makes him feel passionate about his work:
I feel so lucky to be passionate about both areas of my work which involve not only being a craftsman but also an entrepreneur. The chances that someone is interested in taking over a family business are not very high these days with the various opportunities available in professional careers. I love the fact that I can just be myself and grow this business organically with my own aspirations. My passion for design and craftsmanship also reflects my love for my work. I am very grateful that we have a family business with trust and encouragement that has lasted for nearly 100 years. Our extended family has a very strong bond.

The most challenging time for Bernd Radaschitz was launching the business in London during the global financial crisis in 2008. To overcome this complicated period of time, this amazing entrepreneur tells us that a strong and determinate vision and a large focus on the work itself was necessary. He translated what he learned from this experience to survive the current global pandemic.



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Bernd Radaschitz feels very realized with his life and has more than he once thought he would. Actually, he has more than he ever dreamed of. He found and created a profession he wants to be in, and he has his own family that means everything to him.

As you grow older, you realize that, of course, achieving is an ongoing process. I want to learn new things every day, which also means gaining new perspectives, leading you to new ideas and, therefore, new dreams to achieve. This drive and appetite have led me to expand LANSERRING to the US market, where I recently moved to (New York) with my family.

A dream is an important part of the process of creating something amazing. Bernd Radaschitz’s newest dreams are to grow the business in the US:
Establishing our brand in the USA and proving that no other company can fulfill someone’s vision of a kitchen like us is the door to the next dream, a path we will share with the public when the time has come. I can say that we see working for and within our brand from a holistic point of view.

Seeing his business grow and developing career opportunities for his team fulfills Bernd professionally.
Also, the fact that his brand, LANSERRING, promotes his heritage of craftsmanship globally and gives the trade a meaningful reputation makes him especially happy.

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The audience is a fundamental part of any business, and creating the right communication with clients is central to the success of a business! Bernd Radaschitz tells us how he communicates with his clients.

This unique, emotional relationship between clients and their homes forms the basis for the stories we tell on our digital platforms, enabling us to express ourselves through our work. Our website or Instagram feed offers an insight into the way we have developed these narrative lead projects and the physical articulations of our work. Some of our work is quite challenging – developing the richness of the environment with a crafted, contemporary aesthetic. This has helped us find a wonderful audience loyal to our brand values.

For Bernd Radaschitz and his brand, LANSERRING, every project is a special challenge. They always start with a blank canvas with the objective of creating something unique to the client’s lifestyle and desires.
They pull inspiration for their projects by listening to the dreams and desires of their clients, who often have a clear idea of what they envision for the space they want to cook, entertain or live in.

We asked what Bernd Radaschitz thinks is a trend at the moment in the design world, especially with the pandemic:
To see things from a holistic point of view and to create space and objects tailormade to an individual and finding an invisible connection from person to object. Design that touches you with all senses and is a visual extension of your soul, and, of course keeping in mind space’s nature and environment.
In the new world post lockdown, clients are asking for calm, coherent spaces that allow them to indulge in some of the rituals that make food preparation such a joy. These spaces are designed to have a sublime feel to them, cleverly resolved to keep clutter to a minimum. Inevitably, kitchens have many demands put on them these days: homework, breaking bread together, preparing a feast, or even having an argument. We try to create environments where clients can live how they have always dreamed.

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The clients of LANSERRING love a fusion of traditional craftsmanship articulated through more contemporary furniture. They have a deep love of quality and are very well versed in luxury goods. They also have powerful visions for their spaces and have struggled to find anyone with the capability or ambition to meet their needs.

In the future, Bernd Radaschitz and his team expect to do collaborations with specialist artisans with high-quality craftsmanship at their core. Actually, LANSERRING recently worked with a knife maker on a specially-designed collection.



To Finalize

Craftsmanship is very important to Bernd Radaschitz.

There are not a lot of workshops in the world that manufacture on a level we expect ourselves to deliver. Keeping up the quality as it stands is our standard. Our goal and challenge are to exceed this every day, giving creative minds an extended arm to bring their ideas to life. Working with a wide range of materials including timber, metal, and stone, requires a deep level of training and expertise. We are fortunate that our workshop has become the epicenter of excellence in craftsmanship, surrounded by several artisanal professions. The benefit is not only having access to a rich pool of talent and ingenuity, but it is also widely supported with specialist schools and colleges where the skilled craftsman can be trained from a four-year apprenticeship scheme all the way up to graduate as a Master Craftsman. This educational system is the lifeblood of LANSERRING, where excellence in craftsmanship can be achieved throughout generations.

For the future, LANSERRING will be focusing on the importance of sustainability and the careful use of resources.

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As a family business and as craftspeople, sustainability naturally underpins our future planning. Last year we installed solar panels on the roof of our LANSERRING workshops. This means we can produce more energy than we use. We are very pleased with our progress in this sustainable energy project.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Bernd Radaschitz and his bespoke manufacturing brand, LANSERRING!

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