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Most Expensive Homes | May 16, 2022
Carrie Livingston Design | Best Interior Designers in California USA

Carrie Livingston Design | Best Interior Designers in California USA – From a very young age, Carrie Livingston knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grows up: design beautiful spaces. Her first project? Carrie’s youth bedroom. The money the young designer-to-be made by babysitting was more than enough to revamp her bedroom, and new design talent has emerged.



Best Interior Design Projects By Carrie Livingston Design

Carrie Livingston Design

This luxury girls’ room with a minimalist and modern design looks absolutely lovely! Design by Carrie Livingston, this kids’ bedroom in pink and white tones is perfect for two sisters!

Carrie Livingston Design

This kids’ space created by Carrie Livingston is perfect for bedtime stories! The neutral tones chosen combined with the flower pattern wallpaper for this kids’ bedroom make the space look warm and cozy.

Carrie Livingston Design

A modern kids’ room design by Carrie Livingston with a minimalist and timeless look! The dark wood chosen for the headboard is a timeless and warm option for a kids’ space!

Carrie Livingston Design

White gives always a clean and soft look for a room design! This master bedroom in white and some pink details look absolutely stylish! We simply love this interior design project!

Carrie Livingston Design

Warm and modern that’s what defines better this master bedroom design by Carrie Livingston! The perfect space for those who want a minimalist, but stylish bedroom!

Carrie Livingston Design

In black and gold tones, this reading corner looks absolutely luxurious! A stylish space for relaxing moments!

Carrie Livingston Design

The entryway is the first impression of your home, so you will want that this space reflects your tastes and personality! This entryway design by Carrie Livingston reflects a really amazing modern and luxurious design taste!

Carrie Livingston Design

A modern dining room design white in white and great decor details!

Carrie Livingston Design

In dark and gold tones, this home office is perfect for those who want a luxury modern design for their homes!

Carrie Livingston Design

To finish, this Carrie Livingston bathroom design is absolutely gorgeous, with its clean, minimalist, and modern design!

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