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Most Expensive Homes | Apr 4, 2022

Discover A + + | HUMAN SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – A2Plus Design is the internationally recognised brand through which Arch Group communicate its work. The group is a multi-disciplinary organisation made of companies creates to target all aspects that affect the space in Human: from product design to communication, from architecture to interiors, from development to procurement.



A++ works in more than 10 countries around the world in different types of project. Their strength and growth as a global firm provide one further important benefit. As the world faces increasingly pressing challenges in areas like climate change and the management of important natural resources, perspective on the most effective responses is vital.


A2Plus - Apartment

A2Plus – Apartment

A2Plus - Ayoka Oxygen Bugatti Villa

A2Plus – Ayoka Oxygen Bugatti Villa

A2Plus - Beau Rivage

A2Plus – Beau Rivage

A++ is a vibrant, diverse firm working across four Regions. They are united by a common ethos, enduring values and a desire to harness our global expertise for the benefit of the people and communities we work for. A++ has a big family around the world: Switzerland (Zürich and Lugano), Italy (Como), USA (Miami and New York), Arab Emirates (Dubai) Moscow and Shanghai.

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These are homes to their multicultural offices. Architects, engineers, interior designers, product designers, web designers. The keyword here is “multidisciplinary”. A team with so many skills guarantees A++ full control over all the stages of a project: from the initial concept to the fit-out; from the landscape project to the interior design, their team works together to create a continuos and balanced workflow.

A2Plus - Bentley Apartment

A2Plus – Bentley Apartment

A2Plus - Clothing Store

A2Plus – Clothing Store

A2Plus - Franke Showroom

A2Plus – Franke Showroom

Through a lively exchange of knowledge, information and ideas, the creative process can reach its maximum expression, because it includes all the individual personalities that had imagined it together. The sentence “unity is a strength” could not have been truer and A++, united, are stronger than ever.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


In creating interiors, A++ believes in the importance of the division of space that is never static, but a source of constant excitement. A space that embraces an architecture with a specific purpose and meaning, and it is all built on the dialectic between closed-open, light-heavy, monumental, ephemeral, colour non-colour.

Not a mere exercise in style, but a design process to create an environment where nothing is left to chance, where everything is functional to meet the needs of livability, voted to total comfort, physical and sensorial.

A2Plus - Lakeshore Villa

A2Plus – Lakeshore Villa

A2Plus - Penthouse

A2Plus – Penthouse

A2Plus - Roca Hotel

A2Plus – Roca Hotel

The architecture behind each realization of A++ is studied with the client and for the client and it is characterised by an innovative design, able to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of anyone, anywhere in the world. Each project is designed to fit in a sustainable way in the context of reference, to match the desirable elements of a location’s current character or, in the case of precincts undergoing a transition, the desired future character and that is what makes each realisation so unique.

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A2Plus - Villa in Milan

A2Plus – Villa in Milan

A2Plus - Villanova Showvillas

A2Plus – Villanova Showvillas

Their buildings, together with the surrounding designed landscape, are planned to provide a contribution to the quality of life and the identity of the area and operate as an integrated and sustainable system, for greater aesthetic quality and amenity for both occupants and the adjoining public domain.


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