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Most Expensive Homes | May 9, 2022
Interior Design Ideas for Kids Rooms by LOVMYB

Interior Design Ideas for Kids Rooms by LOVMYB – There is a true tale at the heart of LovMyB, one that is rich in significance, devotion, and the unmistakable desire to appreciate childhood and its universe as a whole. LovMyB tends to provide the opportunity to choose a unique object that will surprise and fascinate the child or baby while also meeting specific needs related to their age. In this article discover everything about this magical brand! Prepare yourself to be inspired!



LovMyB is not only a story, but also an adventure, as it follows Pauline and Marion, two sisters who, after becoming mothers, observed their world through smaller eyes, smaller in size, but a larger in-depth, spectrum, and, most all, innocence.


Over time and in viscerally remembered stages that nourish the role of a mother, stages that can be compared to waves, some stronger and more powerful than others, with brighter mornings and rainy afternoons, but without a doubt and endlessly rich in meaning. They set out to create an Adventure: Their Life, by challenging the path they had previously set for themselves in life.


LovMyB is a community of mothers who are also women that share the spirit of “good deals” and are up to date on the latest trends in Lifestyle, Design, and Luxury. The primary purpose is to better the lives of Hero Moms on a daily basis. Because banality has no place on LovMyB, these are tips from girls who are always looking for the trendiest, most trendy, most brave, and most unique.

Bubble Gum Gym



There are favorite products on LovMyB, things that make us capsize because they are full of lovely stories to tell, and products that we need and can no longer live without.
If we pretend to be children on LovMyB, it’s because we enjoy reliving the feelings that made the start of our encounters with the world and childhood the most lovely stage of life. There is a sense of wonder, discovery, enchantment, bursts of laughter, and the five senses in interaction, as well as innocence.


LovMyB is a place where there is no equivalent when it comes to picking sweetness, and as a result, there is an instinctual source of inspiration that achieves its full meaning: a place dedicated to Moms.
Whether you’re a poet mom, a coquettish mom, a tired mum, even an exhausted mum, a cuddly mum, a mum in high heels, a rocker mum, a biker mum, a dreamy mum, an airheaded mom, a mom who needs air, a nice mom, a mom in sneakers, a fighting mom, an active mom, or a nice mom, you’re a Hero Mom, an Uninhibited!



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