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Luxury Neighborhoods | Mar 7, 2021
Best Interior Designers in Cannes

Best Interior Designers in Cannes – We want to focus on Cannes Best Interior Designers that fulfill the designer bars, couture shops, and palaces of La Croisette. Cannes is fulfilled with beaches and liner-sized yachts. Whether Cannes’ soul has enough natural beauty to make a trip worthwhile: the harbor, the bay, the clutch of offshore islands, and the old quarter, Le Suquet, all spring into life on a sunny day. And with the city’s famous beaches benefiting.

1 44 Mètres Carrés

44 Mètres Carrés realizes projects for private or professional spaces on the French Riviera.
With creative and dynamic style design, we get ideas for a small contemporary ensuite bathroom with light wood cabinets, black and white tiles.


2 Anthony Gire

Anthony Gire is always searching for the latest trends, textures, and materials to offer you a unique project. Specializing in all types of surfaces optimizes each space to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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3 Archi Design

A house can be contemporary and blend into an environment once dedicated to the cultivation of carnations, that’s the conception plans for the interior layout by Archidesign. Simple and rational, the interior design and decoration are based on a binary black and white color code and proactive use of natural materials (wood for the furniture and sandstone for the floor), combining with the Mediterranean climate.


4 Cliff Galante

Architecture du Marais was created by Cliff Galante, passionate about architecture and interior design, with the aim of offering you a complete service ranging from masonry work, finishing work, painting, electricity, plumbing, heating, parquet flooring, carpentry, as well as the complete development of a custom-made interior. Cliff Galante embraces both art and design, where each personalized space is enlivened with dynamic mixes of vintage and contemporary pieces. His interior projects include an artistic and sophisticated look.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu



Clotilde Herman has been sharing her passion, experience, and Interior Decoration for more than 10 years. Interior Decorator UFDI (French-speaking Union of Interior Decorators) member, she will understand and take into account your needs and will propose to you the most relevant Interior Decoration and Redecoration solutions. Her Interior Architecture and Decoration Services range from the complete renovation of apartments or houses to the reorganization and Design of professional spaces.


6 D&K Architecture

D&K Architecture is a qualified interior designer and architect. From the best choice of materials, they manage the project through to completion. This master bathroom is illuminated by matte white light, creating a calm atmosphere with clear lines.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


7 Giustini Design

Gathered around Bruno Giustini, an interior architect with a passion for art deco, the agency Giustini Design is composed of a multidisciplinary team for nearly 30 years.
GIUSTINI DESIGN’s experience has been affirmed by the realization of numerous real estate works (apartments, villas, hotels, breweries, restaurants, stores, offices). Its desire to offer an architectural and technical quality in harmony with its environment is a major concern in the design of its realizations. Giustini Design mixes perfection with flexibility, the research of the aesthetics and the perfect coherence for future places, joying artistic perspectives.



Margaux Chiarella is the atmosphere Designer from INSIDESIGN O6, she gives attention to “The details that make sense!”. Passionate about decoration and architecture she plays with volumes to offer an aesthetic and functional space to interior design and pays attention to the power of colors and materials. To sublimate interiors with the light she creates luminous atmospheres that resemble the spaces.



INTERIOR DESIGN Studio counts with the Laurence Gaches work over 25 years of experience between Milan and Paris. Offering real international expertise and supporting them throughout the whole re-design process.

10 Jérôme Caramalli – Casavog

Jérôme Caramalli has the soul of an artist without borders, fully lives his passion with the ultimate goal of creating unique and absolute living spaces. Graduated in art crafts, Ceramics, and Shooting discipline, at the Lycée du Génie Civil in Antibes, he completed his training with the Compagnons du Tour de France. Installed in 2009, it learned the “trades” of rehabilitation and renovation of real estate: mason, plasterer, tile, staff, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, and finally a field training for Electricity and Plumbing. The bathroom, the powder room has become a room apart with constraints of space, functionality, and aesthetics. An exercise that requires the know-how of the mason, the electrician, the plumber, the carpenter, and finally the architect for the design and coordination of the work.


11 Joseph Dutto

Joseph Dutto has a particular talent for creating spaces. His immediate perception of the potential of a place thanks to his spatial vision allows him to sculpt volumes with brio.
His artist’s eye brings a precious aesthetic touch to each place which he makes unique in harmony and comfort. Rich in classical and traditional culture, he energizes architectures, knows how to link them to the most contemporary styles and the best of design, from baroque atmospheres to exotic universes.


Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


The word “Larvor” is derived from a word in the ancient dialect of Brittany meaning the sea.
When Pierre Tanter, the founder of LARVOR, moved to the French Riviera in 1977, he naturally began to apply his professional expertise to the arena of luxury yachts. Founded on the knowledge and experience of two generations, from the old school, in 1985, LARVOR was established in the form in which it exists today, predominantly undertaking projects for yachts, including some of the most prestigious in the world, as well as for castles, villas and luxury apartments for its exclusive clients.

13 LB intérieur design

An eco-responsible, economical and warm decoration, are the keywords of LB intérieur design. They just make you feel the whole history of the place like you are returning to the home that you have lived there for years.


14 Marc Achkar Creative Studio

After more than 15 years working in Paris for prestigious agencies where he had the opportunity to collaborate on greats projects all over Europe and the MENA region, Marc Achkar decided to create 2018 his own studio in Nice, with two main specializations: Interior Design Concept and Architectural Visualization. This salle de bain is an example of a medium-sized Mediterranean bathroom, with a wall-mounted toilet, multi-colored tiles, green walls, and wooden furniture, designers a marvelous harmony for a modern bathroom.


15 Mélanie Gonin

Mélanie Gonin is an architect since 2005 from the Marseille School of Architecture, she trained for six years with architecture agencies in Marseille and Paris where she worked on large-scale restructuring and new construction projects on different scales. Her approach is to give a soul to the “home”, to create a personalized and unique place. Combining traditional and modern materials, textures, and furniture to create new interiors that are elegant and engaging.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


16 Oppidum

In their quest for excellence “The Oppidum team put its grey matter to work in the heart of the famous Palace Regina.”

17 Patricia Fonseca

Patricia Fonseca says “Ideas do not come to us by themselves, as if by magic, but it is a process that comes from a long impregnation of all the images that surround us.”


18 Signe Intérieur

With a realistic image, Signe Intérieur optimizes the spaces in relation to the desired lifestyle, they just don’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. With creative conception combines bathroom wood furnishing with marble.


19 Smalt Design

The interior design agency SMALT DESIGN intervenes in the development of private and professional spaces. The agency collaborates with a team of passionate and efficient craftsmen and contractors selected for their know-how and skills.


20 Zita Vito

Design Ideas for a modern shower room bathroom, Zita Vito brings her style filled with sculptural aesthetics and modern furniture pieces with a unique design.


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