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Luxury Neighborhoods | Nov 6, 2022
Best Interior Designers in France | Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

Best Interior Designers in France | Noé Duchaufour Lawrance – Noé Duchaufour Lawrance is one of the world’s best interior designers, whose projects surprise and astonish with its modernity and uniqueness. Named as one of the France’s leading interior designer, Noé finished École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where his majors were furniture and metal sculpture. He specialises not only in creating appealing spaces but also amazing furniture pieces.

Noé Duchaufour Lawrance often compares his approach to niwa, the little garden found at the heart of a traditional Japanese house. Like an organic pulse within a discipline dedicated above all to respond to the demands of the industry, market or client. Thus, he does not limit himself in the projects that he develops, as ready to design objects for inspired lines for design manufacturers (Ceccotti Collezionni, Cinna, Zanotta…) as to compose harmonious living areas (Air France lounges, Ciel de Paris, La table Yquem at Le Meurice, La Transhumance chalet…) as well as to define the image of a product or a showcase for a famous brand (Paco Rabanne, YSL Beauté, Perrier Jouët).



Noé Duchaufour Lawrance prefers that each project has its own unique scenario, sustained without being distinguished in any way by a use, a form, a material or an aesthetic. A place where the curve and the straight line, sensuality and rigour interact in a confrontation conducive to creating meaning and able to awaken all our senses. Anxious to revive the notion of alive or living in his objects as well as the designing of space, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance considers each project like an organic form which grows with its user. In the style of a natural element which can also defy human order and disorder.



At the beginning, the designer was involved with sculpture, marked by a history and very close link with nature that he wanted to transcribe again with his own hands. Stirring up emotion through the utility of forms was a matter of course for someone who loves beauty as much as necessities and harmony as much as responsibility.


1. Can you introduce yourself?
I am a designer and interior designer but I am open to any kind of other creative collaboration if the propositions are consistent with my style.

2. How do you define design?
To me, design is the alchemy between the producer (a manufacturer, an industrial brand), the tool; craftsmanship or industrial production, the function of the object, and the story that must be told by each project in order to generate the emotion related to the use of the object and a certain harmony in our environment. The balance of these elements will determine the legitimacy of the production of an object.


3. Must design necessarily be functional?
Absolutely! To me, a design object is not a work of art. But it does not mean that the function is a limit. The shape, the material chosen may complete the object, it will impose a new approach, a different dimension. A strong line, well connected to our environment and our body can make us move and apprehend space differently. In the very codified sector of function and industry, it is very important to offer alternatives that make way for a progressive evolution.

4. What do you dream of designing?
I dream to design architectural object offering a sea view.

5. Your next project?
My agenda is quite full for the months to come…
I’ll be a part of the AD Magazine collective exhibit to be held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in September. On this occasion, I have created a dreamlike closet; a space of sensitive contemplation, that interacts with its user.
I have created a knife for the brand Perceval, it will be presented in September at Maison et Objets in Paris and Paris Design Week.
I’m working on the stage set of Scènes d’Intérieur, another design Fair to be held in September that includes a light and sound show by Vincent Tordjamn.
The branding for a luxury Maison.
The suite of a Parisian Palace.
I’m designing a lounge space for an office building in Paris.
I’m doing a project for an architectural object in Camargue with local chef Armand Arnal.
I’m also working of creating a new bottle and packaging for a perfume, a furniture collection for Bernhardt design, a series of objects for a crystal manufacturer, and another furniture collection for a luxury brand.


Inhabited by a legacy for art nouveau, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance refers not only to the universal character of nature to impose forms which make sense but in addition states that the concept of total art is henceforth fundamental to contemporary creation.

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