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Luxury Neighborhoods | Apr 24, 2022
Best Interior Designers from United Arab Emirates | Antonovich Design

Best Interior Designers from United Arab Emirates | Antonovich Design – The luxury interior Studio of Antonovich Design is a comprehensive approach to building luxury housing. Interior design, architectural design of Antonovich team seems to be a new era of luxury that reflects the future of fashion design and architecture. From the idea and the first stroke in the sketch to the building and equipment the house with everything you need, at each stage world-class services are provided.




Thanks to the professional approach to all dreams and desires, Antonovich Design finds unique solutions for the implementation of your dream house, apartment or design high-end repairs. Solid years of experience authoring elite interiors of houses, apartments, offices and hotels thorough knowledge of modern technologies that guarantees cooperation which will bring you the happy moments. According to Antonovich Design, luxury and comfort combined with a strong personality – is what is now the most valuable in interior design.




The Most Iconic Projects

Interior design Astana from studio Luxury Antonovich Design means comfort and luxury of a new era.

Interior design Luxury Antonovich Design works on plenty of luxurious interiors of houses, apartments, restaurants, offices delight our customers in Kazakhstan, Moscow, Azerbaijan, UAE, Egypt and other countries in Europe and Asia. The company specializes in creating luxury interiors, which not only highlight the status of the owners of houses and apartments, but also become the basis of new trends, fashion design and architecture.


Interior design seems to be the direction of high art. Each design project of the house is bright and beautiful in their own individual features. And there is something that unites all of Antonovich Design work and makes a recognizable handwriting of talented designers studio. This excellent rallying point is the amazing ability to erase the fine line that occurs between reality. Interior design project that becomes the basis for an ideal environment in which everyone has a wonderful feeling of absolute comfort.



Interior design Astana is a great opportunity to get a luxurious interior. This interior will match the fashion trends in design and architecture. The design studio creates luxury combining the fine traditions of centuries with the latest capabilities of new technologies. Interior Designer, based on your dreams and preferences, will design a project that will be unique and magnificent.


Interior design apartments Astana designed to give a wonderful feeling of comfort and warmth of home. Interior design Astana in classic style from the studio Antonovich Design can recreate the atmosphere of a city apartment in the royal palace. Design project of this apartment is particularly emphasizes the respectability and gentility of its owners. New trends are helping to create a unique interior design apartments in Astana, which becomes a reflection of the era. Designers of the studio Antonovich Design themselves are the authors of emerging fashion trends.


What is more, they consider art deco to be still at the peak of popularity. This style is preferred by those who value life, and takes it as a celebration of luxury and pleasure. The interiors of Art Deco design represent the appearance of absolute comfort with elegant and luxurious features. Each interior of the apartment is unique as each of the customers.



Among the partners of Antonovich Design, there are world-famous brands of furniture production. For luxury class interiors, they make exclusive pieces of furniture on the author’s sketches of interior designers of our studio.

Top Projects Gallery







Antonovich Design is a great studio with a variety of luxury interior design services.

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