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Luxury Neighborhoods | Mar 31, 2021
Get to Know the Best Interior Designers in Berlin

Get to Know the Best Interior Designers in Berlin – Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich. These are all major Design Cities of Germany and all of the host studios from some Major Interior Designers known worldwide. In this list will tell you all about 20 of them so you know who you should hire for your next major project if you reside in Berlin, Germany.

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 Art und Ambiente

Credits Art und Ambiete – Residential Project

Art and Ambiance is the furnishing house for those who define the interior designwhere the purely every day ends, and the pleasure, the art, the individuality, and the enjoyment begin.

Birgit von Heintze

Credits: Brigit Von Heintze

Birgit von Heintze is a good example of a person who definitely had a life story very different from most interior designers. Due to the fact that she was the daughter of a captain in Lübeck half of her childhood was spent traveling worldwide on the ships of her father. Her style is definitely reflected on her personal blog mystery, founded in 2014 and launched in 2015.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast

 Carlo Berlin

Credits: Carlo Berlin

Carlo Berlin is a company that is used to handling a variety of establishments such as hotel buildings, bars, shop fittings, offices and private homes realizing an individual solution for several areas such as construction, conversion, and interior design. In general, they have a very eclectic style that matches a variety of tastes for their clients. From design to completion, Carlo Berlin is a good example of a company that counts with the support of several builders, specialist planners, and suppliers, making sure to implement the personal concepts of each individual and obtaining quality furnishings from several origins.


Davide Rizzo

Credits: Davidde Rizzo Project

Davide Rizzo is one of Germany’s Top Interior DesignersCurrently based in Berlin, Rizzo preserves traditions and creates new looks with his inspiring style. He has the capacity of creating value in any type of space and tends to privilege a style based on the top ideas of the 1920s, an era when glitz and luxury were omnipresent. There are many ideas from International Designers and Luxury Brands which are easily combined with Davide Rizzo’s unique style which has managed to create some of the most stunning projects and amazing styles are ever seen in the German design industry.



Credits: – design4room – Green Bistro

Design4room is an architectural design agency based in Berlin, with strong practices in Europe and Turkey. They provide a complete service for the design, construction, and maintenance of architectural environments both in and out, having the opportunity to complete designs that will be inexpensive and accessible by all. Working in a location such as Berlin is a good source of inspiration for design4room and also a great advantage thanks to the location’s strategic and historical importance. Curiously the firm has a strong opinion that design should be shaped as a reflection of the lifestyle of the client, passion, and guidance of the interior designers, rather than simple rules and traditions granted as unchangeable.



Interior Salon | Interforma 

 This is a furniture store that only works with European manufacturers of furniture and light premium and offers modern kitchens and living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms. Offering diversity furniture, with simple lines but with a unique personality and all the glamorous that you deserve in your home.




With design in its core, Emporium offers the utmost quality in terms of lighting and furniture design items. Finding a unique place in their client’s hearts, Emporium is an exclusive, first-class design to satisfy your needs of a refined taste! You can visit this top design brand’s showroom in Berlin for a better Design Experience.


Exprimo Berlin

Credits: Exprimo Berlin

From commercial design projects to individual projects, Exprimo Berlin is engaged in several design fusions and projects. With great experience when it comes to working remotely this is a design studio that takes every inch of what the client has in mind into consideration, the design studio makes sure that every piece of personality is into space. They have the ability to create the atmosphere of any room using the mix of historical designs with contemporary elements while taking close care of the details.



Gisbert Pöppler Architecture and Interior

Credits: Gisbert Pöppler Architecture and Interior

Gisbert Pöppler Architecture and Interior is a company that combines the deep knowledge of architecture, interior design and custom furnishings within a boutique studio. Here, the view of the larger image and refined detail are both integrated into Jewel-Box rooms, specially developed for commercial and private customers. By bringing together a comprehensive understanding of space, color, light, and features, the team orchestrates a complete environmental experience – rooms with an overarching concept that unites and unites. Exuberant embellishment is tempered with northern European restraint, harmonious hybrids to create an unexpected elegance in the interior of any project they take on.

Joi – Design 

Joi-Design is an iconic company that has designed some of the most luxurious hotels around the world. The firm believes that the biggest selling point of a hotel it’s its design and all the details that compose it.


JBW Interiors

Credits: JBW

JBW Interiors is a company that results from the combined efforts of siblings Juergen and Bernd Wagner, both of whom have been producing furniture and high-quality interiors in Berlin since 1988. Having begun as a company that manufactured individual pieces, it would end up evolving to a company that specialized in private interiors counting with a team of around 30 employees. In 2017 they gave another important step in their fame by merging their furniture and lighting division into their new umbrella brand known as JBW Interiors & Lights. They present sophistication and quality in both their interior and lighting projects, having the firm belief that beauty can be found in the little details.



K+K Design

Credits – K+ K Design Residential Project

K+K Design is a Berlin-based interior design company that creates beautiful and timeless interiors. They have a unique international experience from the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, and Poland which is reflected in their projects. A unique feature that this company has is the fact that they work closely with a well-established team of Polish hand workers in joinery and carpentry who specialize in manufacturing of high-end handmade products made from highest quality wood. The firm’s method of work and design can be best defined as comprehensive and personalized, passing as a good example of bespoke design service which involves their clients in the creative parts.

Kitzig Design Studios

In business for over 20 years, this studio has done both interior design and architectural projects. Olaf Kitzig and his team create distinctive and tailored concepts for hotels, restaurants, offices, stores, airport lounges and private homes.


Otto Von Berlin

Credits: otto von Berlin – Residential Project in Berlin

Otto Von Berlin was first created by Slovene Gregor Drobnic, an interior designer currently based on Berlin. He decided he had a passion for interior design while being a student in architecture and has had a career in the industry for over 20 years, having a portfolio in Germany, Eastern Europe, and Balkan. Since then the company has become a reference when it comes to an example of an entity 100% client-focused. Whenever they take on a new challenge they make their project based on a question such as what the client needs the space for, what does the client want, how will they use the space among others. As a result, they are used to tackle a variety of distinct styles for either a more casual or luxury type client.



Paris 56

Credits: Paris 56

Detlev Böhnke is the owner and leader of Paris 56 Fine Interiors, an exhibition space, studio and workshop all fused into one. This top multifunctioning studio specializes in residential and commercial projects, having a very specific and strong motto that they take to hear with each new challenge that comes their way: “above all one: your contact for all matters of interior design”. The leader of this company, Detlev, is an experienced architect that has had his own business for 12 years. Since the creation of Paris 56, he and his team have done a series of private and commercial projects, all around Europe, earning the fame as one of the best studios in Berlin.


Susanne Kaiser 

Based in Berlin, Susanne Kaiser is a fan of fun and playful designs. The interior designer combines old with new, expensive with cheap and beauty with comfort. The result is unique interiors full of life and texture.

 Studio Hansen

Credits: Studio Hansen

Studio Hansen consists of a group formed by a team of architects, interior designers, and designers all of whom were reunited by acclaimed German designer Holger Hansen and product designer Marco Winkler. Since 2004, this duo has combined their years of experience in various areas of design, architecture and interior design reflected by their passage by prestigious architectural and design offices. This group works on the basis of a holistic approach, based on the needs, personality, and uniqueness each individual. Whenever they tackle a new challenge they use an individual, sensual style of design planning as a basis to create a space where functionality and beauty can stay side by side.


Philipp Mainzer

Credits: Philipp Mainzer

Philipp Mainzer works internationally on commercial, residential and cultural projects providing full architectural, interior and exhibition design as well as furniture design services for both the public and private sector. Committed to a consistent and progressive conceptual approach, the work is inspired by the dynamic interaction of diverse cultures and disciplines. With a focus on a high level of quality and authenticity, the diverse team of architects and designers develops original concepts with refined aesthetics and the required functionality. The partnership with modern furniture brand e15 effects synergies, extending the boundaries of traditional architecture.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu



A renowned architecture studio in Germany that is recognized by modern projects for public building and private residences. A curious fact about the firm is that they have many projects in Russia.



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