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Celebrity News | Dec 14, 2015
Celebrity Homes: Star Wars fan’s dream home
Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

Celebrity Homes: Star Wars fan’s dream home – Boasting an out-of-this-world design, the unique property is a shining star in the tropical forests of eastern Australia, the force is strong in this house: the property has been compared to the Millenium Falcon.

Celebrity Homes: Star Wars fan's dream home

Looking at this house, you might think it’s located in a galaxy far, far away – because it looks like the Millennium Falcon.

Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

But the space-age house isn’t part of the Star Wars world – it’s found in Australia.

Owing to its battleship grey colour and unusual shape, the stunning four-bedroom property, called Alkira, has attracted comparisons to the iconic movie spaceship.

And it does bear a stark resemblance Han Solo’s legendary craft.

You’ll have to be rich to buy it, though, because it’s a force on the property market, with a price of $15 million (more than £7 million).

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Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

In a galaxy far, far away….or Australia, actually, lies this space-age property

Designed by Melbourne designer Charles Wright in 2006, the futuristic home, located in Daintree, Cape Tribulation, was built three years later.

A bright star in the tropical forests of eastern Australia, it scooped a 2014 Queensland architecture award.

Owner Rod Perry, 68, insists architect Wright’s out-of-this-world design is the work of a “genius”.

Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

This IS the house that you’re looking for: The property might be a Star Wars fan’s dream home

He says the pioneering property has inspired homes in humid climates in Asia.

With forests on one side and 2,500ft mountains on the other, the property also includes its own 600-yard personal beach.

Celebrity Homes: Star Wars fan's dream home

It may not be able to escape the Empire at hyperspeed – but it makes for a dream home.

Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

Spacecraft-ed: The house is made out of concrete, steel and glass.

The Millennium Falcon will return to screens in December when Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford , takes it for a spin in new film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Retired postage stamp dealer Rod said: “I didn’t realise the resemblance to a spaceship until I saw aerials of the project and then it hit me.

“My work was always in historic documents and I live more in the 18th century than the 21st but I’ve noticed the resemblance and other people have too – it’s often called starship galactica and quite rightly so.

Astronomic: The property is priced at more than £7 million.

Celebrity Homes Star Wars fan's dream home

“We’ve been involved since the very first bit of concrete was poured and we initially asked for a veranda above the like.

“But, thankfully, the architect had more of an imagination than we did and what he has produced is nothing sort of genius.

“It was originally supposed to be a weekender and we never dreamed that we’d actually live here as a home full-time but as soon as we saw it we fell in love with the place.”

The 600-square metre mansion, made out of concrete, steel and glass, sits 11 metres above the water and is made to look like it is rising out of the lake.

The picturesque home also features three car garages and a plunge pool for any visitors who would prefer not to take a dip in the ocean.

And the set-up was perfect for Rod and family, who are now looking for a return to urban life after three years in their rural paradise.

Rod said: “My other half is of Asian descent and is very much into feng shui and the place is perfectly situated to fit with that discipline.

“She misses the more cosmopolitan living of the city and I am getting too old to live out here so sadly we are forced to sell.

“How the architect has produced a fresh take on the tropical experience is truly special.

“He is still just barely only 40 and he has managed to solve the issue of humidity – the average temperature is 27 degrees celsius but it never feels hot or humid here and he is from a temperate climate too.”


Celebrity Homes: Star Wars fan's dream home

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