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Celebrity News | Jul 18, 2014
Most expensive celebrity weeding cakes
Celebrity wedding cakes

Celebrities are known for extravagant wedding ceremonies. From designer wedding gowns to ornate flower arrangements, the weddings of the wealthy are filled with extreme spending. And the wedding receptions are just as over the top as the ceremony.

For some celebrities, the wedding cake has to shine just as brightly as the bride’s ring. After all, the wedding cake is often used as more than just a sweet dessert. They are a focal piece for which the entire color scheme and theme of the reception is based. With such an important position, a wedding cake must be beautiful, elegant, and above all, unique.

Starting with royalty.

#10 Prince Charles and Diana

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-3 celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-11

Royal icons Princess Diana and Prince Charles hosted a memorable wedding in 1981, spending over $40,000 on just the cake. The princess could not just have one wedding cake; the matrimonial day included 27 wedding cakes and a five-foot-tall main cake that supposedly took 14 weeks to prepare. The wedding cake, designed by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School, was decorated with roses, lilies of the valley, and orchids, along with the Prince’s family’s royal coat of arms.

#9 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-7 celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-13

Weighing in at nearly 600 pounds, the chocolate-chip marble cake was decorated with butter cream frosting. While the height of the cake was extravagant, the colors of the cake were not. The tiers alternated between black and white, giving the wedding cake a simplistic modern feel. In the end, the cake was far too large to cut and sheet cakes were cut and served to the guests.

#8 Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-9

Basketball legend Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto spared no expense on their wedding, which rang in at a cool $10 million, and their cake was no exception. The all-white, seven-layer white rum wedding cake designed by Edda’s Cake Designs was covered in white fondant and sugar crystals, and was adorned with crystal brooches. To top it all off, the couples’ monogram was displayed on the top layer.

#7 Marc Mezvinsky & Chelsea Clinton

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-2 Celebrity wedding cakes

#6 Platinum – Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-5

The expensive wedding cake worth $130.000 is decked with platinum necklaces, pendants, pins and edible platinum flakes.It’s dedicated to several famous Japanese women, such like Chie Kumazawa, Rinko Kikuchi and the list can continue.The purpose of this cake is to encourage more women to wear platinum jewels.

#5 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-4 celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-10

In November of 2000, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated their marriage at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Taking center stage was the 10-tier vanilla and buttercream wedding cake. Created by Sylvia Weinstock, who has been deemed the ‘Leonard da Vinci of wedding cakes,’ the massive cake was so large that its top two tiers had to be removed just so that it could fit through the ballroom doors. When fully constructed the cake was six feet tall and adorned with thousands of edible sugar flowers. $11000

#4 National Gay Wedding Show

Celebrity wedding cakes

Created by Cake, a bakery in Chester, England, the world’s most expensive wedding cake is valued at a whopping $52.7 million! The edible masterpiece was on display at the National Gay Wedding Show in Liverpool in March of 2013. The cake consisted of eight tiers of white fondant icing. Then, to add a little sparkle, the cake was adorned with 4,000 diamonds. The sparkling gems were given by Russell and Case of Liverpool, England.  After the event concluded the guests of the National Gay Wedding Show were able to eat the sparking masterpiece.

#3 Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-1

Comedian Eddie Murphy and model Nicole Mitchell went above and beyond on their lavish multi-tiered wedding cake. At $25,000 in 1993, you can only imagine the decadent details of their cake. According to pictures, the ornate cake was beautifully decorated with a multitude of flowers.

#2 Ron Ben-Israel and Swarovski

celebrity-homes-wedding-cakes 15

That’s what Ron Ben-Israel, the highly acclaimed cake designer of New York, New York, did when asked to create a cake for the movie Sex and the City 2. With over 4,000 individual crystals provided to Ron Be-Israel from Swarovski, he and his team set into creating a wedding cake that was over the top and mimicked ‘frozen water’ and the reflection of light. With these ideas in mind, Ron Ben Israel first whipped together a pure vanilla cake, which is called a White Cloud cake. Then the cake was assembled into five tiers from which delicate strands of Swarovski crystals were hung. The cake was placed on top of a custom acrylic stand, bringing the cake’s total height to 6 feet 4 inches. The sparkling masterpiece served 485 guest and took over 450 hours to create.

And for ending, royalty.

# 1 Prince William and Pricess Kate

celebrity-homes- wedding-cakes-12Celebrity wedding cakes

Prince William and Kate Middleton definitely went all out for their magnificent wedding with an eight-tiered fruit cake with white icing and 900 sugar paste flowers ringing in at a royal $80,000. Designed by Fiona Cairns, the elegant cake included 17 different kinds of  symbolic flowers. Displayed on the seventh tier, the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil, and Irish shamrock represented the home nations. On the sixth tier were the elaborately scrolled initials of the couple encircled by sugar lily of the valley flowers, symbolizing sweetness and humility.

Well, I guess we never gonna be royals. Or will we?



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