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Celebrity News | Aug 30, 2019
Must-see Yachts Owned by Celebrities – Part II

Must-see Yachts Owned by Celebrities – Part II – Superyachts are hit among the rich and famous since they are the ultimate symbol of richness and wealth. Yachting design is perfectly composed of top interior design and architectural firms, that only provide the best of design, with the most bespoke pieces of furniture.



Venus (Philippe Starck)

Venus is a tribute to the Roman Goddess of Love. Built for the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, but unfortunately not ready before his death, this Superyacht was made to meticulously measure to this technology mogul. Ready in 2012, Venus is massively private, covered in glass, and features, of course, a high level of technology throughout the whole yacht. The top French interior designer Philippe Starck was the head designer responsible for the embellishment of this project, along with Feadship, that was responsible for its magnificent built. This 78.2-metre Superyacht belongs to the late Apple founder’s wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. The stunning interior design within the Venus’ spaces shares a minimalistic design, filled with bespoke and unique pieces of furniture. The interior fits a space that could include up to 12 guests and 22 crew members, throughout 14 cabins, that ensure a luxury yacht experience. Feadship company embellished the Superyacht with large cabin windows, almost floor to ceiling, as well as the main living area. Among special features of this impressive vessel, there are seven 27-inch iMac computers.

Seven Seas (Nuvolari & Lenard)

Steven Spielberg is a worldwide famous filmmaker, that has been recognized for his artwork on films such as JAWS, E.T., Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, and many other film masterpieces. As you can see, the filmmaker is not only known for his achievements, but also for his impact on yachting, since he possesses one of the most coveted Superyachts of all time, the Seven Seas. This 282.15-feet custom motor Superyacht was built by Oceanco in the Netherlands and officially launched in 2010, with an exquisite exterior and interior design by design experts Nuvolari & Lenard. This impressive luxury Superyacht has the capacity for 14 guests, and 26 crew members, throughout 7 cabins, in which there is one master suite, 2 VIP rooms, 2 double and 2 twins. On the exterior, you’re able to see a magnificent infinity pool on the aft deck, as well as the possibility to turn in into a helipad or even an entertaining area. The interior features a contemporary theme, with walnut, teak and rosewood balanced with natural materials, fabrics and colours. The main salon is embellished with a professional projection system and a 5x2m screen which will transform into a screening theatre. Besides a 250m2 main salon that’s able to host a massive party, there’s a stylish dining area prepared for every occasion. In 2015, it was reported that Spielberg would start building a new and great Superyacht, but it’s not clear if he proceeded with new construction. Instead, in 2016, Seven Seas went through a refit at Amico and Co, an Italian shipyard.

Main (Giorgio Armani S.p.A., Ortelli Architetti)

Giorgio Armani is a truly Italian fashion icon and designer that delivers to the world the best of design. This fashion mogul not only reflects the luxurious concept of fashion, but also in his own way of life, and his Superyacht is the most incredible way to prove it. Meet Main, the 213.25-feet Superyacht, that was proudly built by Codecasa in Italy, in 2008. As well as it’s built, the exterior design was also a masterwork from this own company, where sophistication and engineering are their expertise, in which they completely succeeded. The Main features a capacity for 12 guests and 14 crew members, throughout 7 cabins, divided into 1 master suite and 6 rooms. With a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks, this yacht is also fitted onboard comfort, through the implementation of “zero speed stabilizers”. There is also a gym jacuzzi on deck, tender garage and many other ostentatious amenities. For the luxurious interiors, Giorgio Armani and Ortelli Architetti joined forces to bring the Main yacht to life, through the establishment of maximum luxury, as you would expect from Armani. The interiors are filled with Armani Casa custom pieces, such as sofas, centre tables and fashionable stools. Natural birchwood is the material that obviously prevails, applied to the floors, indoor stairs, Venetian blinds and bulkheads, while the bathrooms are decorated with marble. There’s also an eccentric fireplace in the main deck’s saloon and a galley adorned with retro satin glass. The majority of pieces that are available on this yacht was developed by Armani, and the chosen palette sat on metal grey ceilings and dark green walls, although each cabin features a different colour scheme.

Limited Edition Collection Boca do Lobo


Va Bene (H2 Yacht Design)

H2 Yacht Design proudly presents one of their most astounding projects, the Va Bene Superyacht, a property by the worldwide known musician Eric Clapton. Built in 1992 by Euroship Cees Cornelissen, this yacht always has presented itself as a great love for this recognized musician. Once named Only 4 U, it was refitted in 2008 by prestigious interior design company H2 Yacht Design, and exterior design styling by The A Group and Richard Hein. Va Bene is able to fit about 12 guests and 14 crew members, within 6 spacious and exquisite cabins, including a master suite. Although it shares quite a few years of functioning, the yacht has faced a remodel and also presents a timeless styling, with beautiful furnishings, which perfectly state the concept of comfort combined with elegance. The leisure and entertainment facilities are definitely what transform this place, especially with the Jacuzzi on deck, gym and wellness area, stabilizers at anchor, and many water activities at your disposal. The recurring decor style sits on neutral tones across every room available, as well as the presence of Art Deco. With that theme, there’s a relaxed, comfortable and fresh harmony that’s discovered on the Va Bene. Throughout the Superyacht, there are visible divided areas: the card playing area with leather chairs, a movie lounge area with upholstered pieces, a formal dining room, filled with luxurious lighting, Italian marble and displays of abstract art. From abstract art, marble sculptures and ceramic vases, the yacht stands as a massive art gallery, as well as a musical homage.

Regina D’Italia II’s (Lazzarini Pickering)

Meet Regina D’Italia II’s, a Super Luxury Yacht, that belongs to fashion designers, Domenico and Stefano Gabbana, the founders of the iconic Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. Not only have they expressed the best of design everywhere, but they also possess the finest of design, especially on this Super Luxury Yacht. Regina D’Italia II’s stands as the perfect reflection of these worldwide famous designers, built by Codecasa, in Italy, around 2006. The exterior design was made by the expert work of Della Role Design, while the luxurious interior design was proudly assigned to Lazzarini Pickering. This extraordinary yacht features a capacity of 12 guests and a crew of 10 members, within 6 cabins, including one master suite, one VIP, two double and two twins. The 167.32-feet yacht is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system, which provides a comfortable luxury experience. Perfectly balancing the concept of flamboyance and minimalism, Lazzarini Pickering established an exquisite setting, focusing on high-fashion living. The minimalist architecture and its incomparable richness are clear on the materials throughout the Superyachts. Its decoration shares rubies and sapphires taps, gold veined marble floors and animalistic prints prevailing as a texture.


Fairmont Hotel


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