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Celebrity News | Feb 9, 2022
New Kasual Collection | Mid-Century Pieces by Karim Rashid

New Kasual Collection | Mid-Century Pieces by Karim Rashid – The interior design’s latest trend is all about ditching the streamlined in favor of more relaxed forms. Any sort of décor that takes on these amorphous shapes is more than just a cheeky play on the ordinary. They lend an organic layer that beautifully contrasts all the sleek and contoured structures of modern design – and now, it’s easier than ever to incorporate into your home thanks to the new mid-century design pieces of the Kasual Collection, a special collaboration between Karim Rashid and the Portuguese Design brands, DelightFULL and Essential Home.


Today, we’ll have the chance to see all the new 6 lighting designs of this new collection that made us fall in love with mid-century modern design. Continue scrolling, who knows if you’ll be incorporating these items in your new home renovation project!

We live in the age of casualism. In the non-stop connectivity of our digital age, there is a blurring of all social and human behaviors, creating this new casual age in which we live. Home is now work, sanctuary, school, restaurant, and movie theater. With the Kasual collection, Karim creates a perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, stunning beauty, and form. At this age, Kasual collection fits like a glove independently of the setting.

Karim Rashid’s New Collection: A Partnership With DelightFULL And Essential Home

With a curated selection of stunning pastel and vibrant colors that balance together perfectly, as well as typical mid-century materials that come together with a contemporary twist, this collection brings the precision of form and refined detail to a whole other level. At the epitome of design, Kasual collection is the best of both worlds: casual and luxurious, all wrapped up into a selection of incredibly designed furniture and lighting pieces that will bring timeless and precious value to any project.

4th edition twist


Karim is known for his cult around the letter K, and every design piece of this new collection starts with this letter or has it in its name. Meet the new incredible lighting pieces!


Karim Rashid’s New Collection: A Partnership With DelightFULL And Essential Home

The Krown light is a reaction to the chandelier form. It is about sensualizing the glass-removing, the antiquated facets and stereotypes from the history of lighting, still retaining its beauty. It has a geometric design of combined sculptural shades and its structure is handmade in brass. This chandelier shines even when it is switched off, but it gets more beautiful when you see the light being cast through the shades. The curved lighting design will show that it’s no secret the right fixture can change a room immediately. Feel the true statement of luxury with this modern ceiling lamp.


With sculptural shapes and an extremely balanced design, this modern round suspension lamp gets even more beautiful when you see the light being cast through its shades. These elements have a unique curved shape and are handmade in bras, creating a unique lighting effect. The round suspension lamp has a unique appeal that won’t go unnoticed.

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Karim Rashid’s New Collection: A Partnership With DelightFULL And Essential Home

Kapsule is so sculptural, yet so functional at the same time. It is these kinds of emotional objects that become timeless and precious. This large suspension lamp boasts a futuristic and feminine vibe, making it the right choice for any luxurious interior design project. The brass strips are shaped and assembled by hand by some of the most skilled artisans. Achieving a magazine-worthy yet livable ambiance is all about casting the right light. A true example of high-quality craftsmanship, this modern suspension lamp will definitely elevate your home décor or hospitality design project.


Karim Rashid’s New Collection: A Partnership With DelightFULL And Essential Home

This mushroom-style pendant lamp has a brass curved shade and a cylindrical body, evoking an upscale 70s feel. A pendant lamp was first made available in 2021, however, it could easily be mistaken for a vintage find from a European flea market. This mid-century modern lamp is more oblong than other mushroom-style lamps, due to its unique silhouette we likely won’t come across often.


Karim Rashid’s New Collection: A Partnership With DelightFULL And Essential Home

This mushroom-style table lamp will always rank highly as a top choice for modern lighting. It boasts a stunning brass shade with a dazzling lighting effect that will emphasize volumes and shapes, creating contrast and depth. A mushroom-style table lamp doesn’t take up much room. This decorative accent provides a very specific solution for spaces where we need extra light, but don’t want to hardwire a sconce or pendant lamp. As an ideal choice for your home office, mushroom lamps also make a more charming alternative to utilitarian desk lamps. The modern, mid-century modern, and contemporary mushroom-style lamps we can’t help but covet.


Disko is so evocative and rapturous piece that defies gravity by creating an equilibrium of floating elements, providing impact and personality to any space. This unique rainbow-style lamp will burst your heart with joy and hope. Marquee lamps are the epitome of a vintage industrial style look and every bar has them, every fun spot has them. Now, your design project is about to have it too! An eye-catching touch to a big, bold, and bright marquee lamp. A unique way of bringing a colorful and cheerful glimpse to any space. It has a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neon light and it is the right fixture for a fun hotel lobby!

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