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Celebrity News | Jul 3, 2018
Sarah Andelman’s Cabins in Rural New York

Sarah Andelman’s Cabins in Rural New York – A cabin nestled amid the counterculture enclave that birthed Woodstock is not the first place you would expect to find the très cool Sarah Andelman, cofounder of Paris’s late, lamented concept store Colette.


Yet, here in the quiet New York hamlet of Chichester, the Parisian is clipping thyme in her garden outside the cottages she shares with her American husband, music-video director Philip Andelman, and their son, Woody. Though their main residence is in France, they retreat here for summers and vacations. In fact, Woody’s name is a testament to this very place.

Sarah Andelman's Cabins in Rural New York Sarah Andelman's Cabins in Rural New York Sarah Andelman's Cabins in Rural New York Sarah Andelman's Cabins in Rural New York

Rewind 12 years, when a then-single Philip decamped from Los Angeles and wound up in the Catskills (where, by his account, “everyone has a recording studio”). In the summer of 2009, he was passing through Paris for a friend’s wedding and met Sarah. A two-and-a-half-week courtship followed, as Philip strategically booked photo shoots with the Beastie Boys and Jack White to draw out his stay. “Eventually the shoots end and I haven’t even gotten a kiss,” he laments. “So I come back to the mountains all bummed.” But he kept returning to Paris until his frequent-flier miles were depleted—still, no kiss. “So I do one last Hail Mary. I told her, ‘Do you not realize I’m trying to date you?’ Sarah shook her head no—I kissed her, and we’ve been together ever since.”

During Sarah’s next trip to New York for fashion shows, she visited Philip’s hideaway. “I loved it immediately,” she says. “Especially discovering it through Philip’s eyes.” They dropped by a neighbor’s house one evening to watch the sunset on the terrace, from which magical views of the mountainous landscape unfolded. “Not a phone line or road in sight,” says Philip. And both thought, Sarah recalls, “It would be fantastic to one day live here.”


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