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Celebrity Style | Dec 6, 2021
Modern Rug Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Modern Rug Design Ideas for Your Living Room – If you are looking for Modern Rug Ideas while renovating your living room and you are seeking a stylish rug, you have come to the right place. Rug’Society has the finest and most beautiful modern rugs that will transform your living space into an alluring and marvelous room. We have selected a few rugs to help you choose the perfect item for your living room.


Modern Rug Ideas To Add An Elegant Flair To Your Living Room

Modern Rug Ideas For an Amazing Interior

Sometimes you only need a single rug to transform a room into a dazzling ambient. Give your living room a new life with a unique abstract modern rug. We have selected the best modern rug ideas for you so you can choose the best rug that fits your style. Create an exceptional ambient with the most luxurious rugs there is!

Modern Rug Ideas For The Living Room

Modern living room with neutral adler rug, golden hanging light



A beautiful living room with the magnificent Adler Rug. If you are looking for neutral modern rug ideas, this version of the Adler rug might be for you. Rug’Society has a design service that is at your disposal so you can custom your rug however your like, whether it be changing the colors, size, or design.


Alder rug
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Modern contemporary living room with Agatha rug

Another neutral rug that you might like for your living room is the Agatha Rug. A dazzling rug inspired by the stone of the same name. It has an irregular pattern that is meant to reflect the irregularity of said stone. This rug would be amazing in your living room.

Modern living room with Air rug, supernova lights and sofa

An elegant and minimalistic living room with the dashing Air Rug. This three-dimensional rug stands out for its unique pattern that fits perfectly in any room or style.

Elegant modern living room with Palm Rug with white sofa and supernova lights

The Palm Rug is a stunning striped rug that had to be incorporated into our modern rug ideas list. This is an outstanding area rug that highlights any living space. The Golden hanging lights add an air of prestige to the room.


Palm rug
Contemporary mid-century living room with SImba Rug, brown armchair and center table

If you are looking for more mid-century modern rug ideas, the Simba Rug is also a great choice, with a unique pattern of several geometric forms and warm colors to create a comfy and welcoming environment.

mid-century living room with White Garden Rug, center table and bourbon sofa

This version of the White Garden Rug creates a cozy ambient for this living room. The velvet upholstered sofa paired with the black center table turns this interior into an elegant and sophisticated room.

modern contemporary living with cauca rug, soleil armchair and white sofa

A sumptuous living room with the great round Cauca Rug to complement the look. Black and white are timeless colors that will for sure give an elegant flair to your living room.

modern contemporary living room with heron rug, black and gold center table

Designed modern rug ideas to enhance your living room. The Heron Rug has a stunning and detailed pattern of herons. This rug complements the sofa nicely and the black and golden center table. This is a neat modern living room.

Modern contemporary living room with Terrazzo Rug

Warm colors turn any room more welcoming and joyful, the Terrazzo Rug with its wide range of colors is a delightful rug to decorate your floors.


Terrazzo Rug
Modern living room with area rug and white sofa, white armchairs

This is a beautiful and elegant modern living room with a fancy area rug with a cute design. The white sofa and armchairs create a peaceful ambient. The center table is the final touch to complete the look.

Modern Rug Ideas For A Stunning Living Room

Living room with area rug in gold, velvet sofas

A luxury living room with a vibrant area rug and dashing velvet sofas. This modern rug creates a dashing environment and pairs well with contemporary sofas.

modern living room with round black rug and center table

This is a gorgeous living room that radiates elegance and prestige, the round rug brings some depth with its striped pattern. The light armchairs contrast with the black walls and fireplace. The golden details of the center table complete this stunning living room.

classy modern living room with imperial snake rug and imperfectio armchairs

A luxury living room with the amazing Imperial Snake Rug and Imperfectio Armchairs, with a stunning design, to create the most luxurious and prestigious living space. This rug is one of the best out of our modern rug ideas list.

modern living room with blue area rug

A vibrant living room with a blue area rug that reminds us of the blue sea and of holidays. This living room has a minimalistic modern style with a pop of color that turns this living room less dull.

Modern contempoary living room with gray area rug

This is a sober living room with a gray rug that contrasts with eh vibrant color of the velvet sofa and beige armchairs. The golden center table adds an air of modernity to this contemporary living room.

Modern Rug Ideas To Add A Flair To Your Living Room
Modern living room with light gray area rug

A cozy living room with a neutral-colored area rug which creates a nice and modern look.

Modern area round rug in a all-white living room with black and gold center table, white armchairs

A chic living room with a round light gray round rug that pairs nicely with the other round shapes in the room. The white armchairs look extremely comfy, as well as the brown sofa. The black and gold center table creates a elegant aura in the room.

Modern rug ideas
Modern and elegant living room with black and gold area rug, essex armchair and gold center table

A cozy living room corner with a beautiful black and gold area rug that pairs with the golden center table. The Essex armchairs are of a neutral color which adds to this room a nice and warm air.

luxury living room living room with gray area rug, center table, velvet sofa and armchairs

A prestigious living room with a wide area rug and mid-century sofa and armchairs. The Black and Golden center tables contrast with the gray colors and turn this room into an even more exquisite living room.

Living room with area rug and center table with gray sofas

A cozy and warm living room with a light area rug that contrasts with the darker-colored sofa.




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