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Celebrity Style | Aug 7, 2022
The Best Deals in Luxury Lighting Design this Summer

The Best Deals in Luxury Lighting Design this Summer – Covet Lighting is a one-stop lighting shop and the most powerful tool for creating functional and stylish interiors. On the other hand, there is nothing like a design piece with a story to tell and a good discount. Summer Sale gathers chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, suspension lamps, and table lamps so, with Covet Lighting, completing your projects won’t be a problem. Have a look!


Supernova Chandelier

Supernova Chandelier was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright starburst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design. Supernovas can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will offer you a timeless, brightest, and magnificent setting.


Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting




Draycott Pendent Lamp


Draycott Tower was the reason to create the Draycott Pendant Lamp. Its structure has 3 tubes like the original inspiration made in brass and crystal glass. Transmitting elegance and purity to every space, the reception or lobby areas can be a perfect place for this gorgeous masterpiece.



Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting


Ike Floor Lamp

Light up your Nordic-style living room, bedroom, or office with this 70” minimalist floor lamp. With three changeable lamp shades with glossy black and gold plated finishes, this Scandinavian floor lamp can light multiple areas, making it the perfect addition to your mid-century modern interior. All in all, Ike is an elegant brass floor lamp full of refinement and modernity, providing a warm and inviting tone to any room.


Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting


Empire Suspension Lamp

The Empire Suspension Lamp gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space.


Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting

Winnow Table Lamp



Winnow Table Lamp takes its name from the winnowing method, an ancient technique of separating grain from the straw. Its body is composed of small lacquer wood tubes, representing the straw, and the abat-jour shade emerges from the base with a light tapioca fabric, separating distinctively from its rigid body. By mixing a more classic approach to the shade with a contemporary design to its body, this table lamp will brighten every surface and interior.


Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting



Turner Wall Lamp


With 5 oval arcs made in brass, this vintage wall lamp was inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves. Turner Wall Lamp features a small lampshade made in aluminum lacquered in matte white. Its structure is 100% handmade in brass with a gold-plated finish, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to this unique wall sconce lighting.


Summer Sale: The Best Deals From Covet Lighting

Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp



Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp is shaped into a luxury lighting suspension and presented in every handmade crystal glass. The rectangular gold plated brass levels conceive an exclusive pattern of lighting refraction and create fantastical shades on their surroundings. Designed to brighten a contemporary space with the most elegant presence.


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