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Luxury Neighborhoods | Sep 10, 2021
Andreia Matias | Best Interior Designers in Lisbon

Andreia Matias | Best Interior Designers in Lisbon – Andreia Matias is one of the founders of DZINE and currently is Managing Partner and Creative Director. Holding a degree in Architecture and Interior Design from ESAD, Andreia combines her creativity and passion for interior design with a keen sensitivity to understand a client’s needs, dosed with the right level of pragmatism.



Celebrity Homes  had the opportunity to talk with this top interior designer and we go share everything with you. Enjoy!



Design is the big passion of Andreia Matias’s life since she was very young. She always has been drawn to different areas of interior design and, also, graphic and fashion design.

I like to explore “Beauty” as a concept and aesthetics, the harmony of shapes, proportion, and color are present in all areas of my life. After some experiences in different areas, I found Interior Design the perfect career for me, because of all the creativity involved, from creating and developing concepts to executing them and seeing them come to fruition. Furthermore, it’s very gratifying to be able to make our clients’ dreams a reality.

When we ask what was the most challenging time of her career, Andreia Matias told us that was probably the beginning of DZINE, when the company was not known in the market. She thinks the best way to overcome any challenge is to work hard, maintain a positive attitude, believe in the quality of your work, and remind yourself that every challenge can be a learning experience.

When we ask if she achieves everything in life, Andreia Matias told us:

I can’t say that I have. Whenever I achieve a goal that I have set for myself, I create a new one. I think is important to challenge yourself every day. That’s how you grow personally and professionally.

Also, she is now realizing a dream:

Because of my taste for Graphic Design I have a project I’ve been working for a while and hope it will see the light of day very soon, which is our own brand of luxury fabrics and wallpapers.

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Is the satisfaction of her clients, the pleasure of being able to exceed their expectations that makes Andreia Matias feel fulfilled professionally. Also, having a happy and cohesive team, all working with the same mindset and towards the same goals, it’s really important.

Andreia Matias has a close relationship with her clients. They listen to what they need, what they are looking for, and then the job of the DZINE team is to bring their wishes to life. Their main advertising is actually word of mouth. Of course, they also use social media to promote and show their work, but their clients are their best advertisers. One happy client tells another about DZINE, and that’s how they get the majority of new projects.

The client type of Andreia Matias and DZINE work is private and corporate clients, but they really have a client type other than their private clients are mostly businessmen or businesswomen. Their clientele is very international so besides the cultural differences, they are very different in terms of what they like or what they need from us.

About new projects, Andreia Matias’s most recent project is a 600m2 family home in Restelo, that they are completely redesigning and the main inspiration for that project is Nature. DZINE is using a lot of natural materials like natural stone, recycled wood panels, recycled glass, different types of plaster (Venetian Plaster, Tadelakt, and Marmorino) to create different effects, and always with sustainability in mind, which has been one of our major focus for a while now.



When we ask about interesting collaborations at the moment, Andreia Matias told us that most of their collaborations are with real estate promoters. Normally, they do the interior architecture project, where we design the kitchens, bathrooms, closets, etc., define the flooring and wall coverings, and in addition, they also decorate the model apartment.

Building on that work they have done in the past, at the moment they are developing a luxury brand, together with a well-known real estate promoter, specialized in luxury ventures. This brand will work as a quality seal for the buildings developed by the promoter, similar to what the major international real estate brands are doing.

When we ask about what she thinks it’s the trend at the moment in the design world, Andreia Matias told us that she sees some trends like monochromatic rooms, or light and pastel shades with hints of bright colors, but she thinks the main trend is that people are not following any specific trend but instead are doing their own thing and being original. That’s what she tries to do, not focus on trends too much and treat every project as unique and specific as the client is.

When we asked about craftsmanship, Andreia Matias believes that Italy is the leader with a long tradition of high-quality craftsmanship. But there are other countries that stand out, namely Portugal, which more and more have highly qualified artisans doing beautiful work with wood, metal, leather, glass, and other materials.

For Andreia Matias, the focus in the design world in the future will continue to be sustainability.

This is something that should be in everyone’s mind. We should make more mindful choices, try to create less waste, and bet on quality and durability. Strive to have a close relationship with suppliers in order to select the best ones, who then can supply you with the best materials. 

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