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Celebrity News | Feb 4, 2015
Celebrity Gossip: Super Bowl Best Moments
Celebrity Gossip Super Bowl Best Moments0

Super Bowl is the most exciting sport event of the year, but not because of the game itself, is the show and the ads that everyone expect with all the attention!

This is one of the best events of the year in the USA and also worldwide because it gathers the emotion of sport with all the gorgeous celebrities and the amazing ads made especially for the event, and of course, the show at break time.

Celebrity Gossip Super Bowl Best Moments0 The companies pay about 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds of publicity if they want to have a commercial in this annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), and there are always a lot of brands trying to gain their space.

Super Bowl commercials are always brilliant, funny and sometimes sexy. We made a selection of the best commercials from the 67 that were presented and the best moments of the show. Enjoy!


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Fifty Shades of Grey is the most expected movie of the season and it can’t be out of this event as one of the sexiest spots.

We know that sex sells and the success of this commercial pretty much relied on Kate Upton’s breasts.

Victoria’s Secret angels in football gear is something that you don’t want to miss and Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima are here to remember us  that Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.


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We were used to see The Who, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, and pop stars, including Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé and Madonna in the break time and Katy Perry was a surprise once everyone thought “Why not Taylor Swift?” See the show for yourself and leave a comment bellow!


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