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Celebrity News | Sep 23, 2016
Celebrity Homes: Inside Christina Applegate’s Kitchen

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Celebrity Homes: Inside Christina Applegate’s Kitchen – Laurel & Wolf designer Jessica Today reveals the secrets behind the star’s major renovation.

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Christina Applegate’s kitchen was far from camera ready. The Anchorman actress and new mom had been gradually updating her family’s Los Angeles home over the years, but got stuck when it came to its busiest space, which just so happened to be the one most desperately in need of a makeover. Her take on the original 1985 design? “It was god awful. The ugliest kitchen. Of anyone that I know.” The room sported two-tone cabinets in white and beige, a massive range hood worthy of a villa, if not for its odd drywall facing, and a jumble of furnishings that didn’t do justice to the enviable corner dining nook. The space was frustrating, but the prospect of taking on a total overhaul far too intimidating to tackle on her own.

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In a fateful, if not entirely lucky, turn of events the house endured a flood that ruined the existing hardwood and prompted a sizable renovation. “We thought, while we’re going to have to rip up every bit of flooring in the whole house, we might as well do the kitchen,” explains Applegate. “I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted it to feel like and look like, [but] executing that is obviously not my forte.” Enter online design service Laurel & Wolf. After taking their detailed quiz about her style and desires for the space, Applegate received several pitches from the brand’s roster of designers and selected her favorite: a modern-classic concept with a touch of glamour devised by Jessica Today.

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The pair collaborated on Laurel & Wolf’s digital platform to curate the perfect space, from cabinet colors to styling details. The result couldn’t be farther from the dark and dated “before.” The cabinets were swapped out with a glossy modern style, complete with sleek chrome handles. The countertops got an upgrade to durable and chic Caesarstone. And those poor floors? Replaced with gleaming dark hardwood, accented by colorful runners. The dining nook, once uncomfortable and in Applegate’s words, “a place we wanted to get out of as fast as possible,” received a dreamy update including a tufted leather banquette, a warm wood-and-metal table, and a statement-making sputnik chandelier. “It feels like it’s a place now where we can celebrate,” she says, “It’s bright and open, and the use of space that Jessica came up with is amazing to me. It’s just the greatest thing ever.”

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