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Celebrity News | Oct 18, 2019
Celebrity Homes: Luxury Living by Windsor Smith

Celebrity Homes: Luxury Living by Windsor Smith – Windsor Smith’s interiors are a commentary on where the modern family is today. And they are surprisingly simple. “Families who are global and nomadic, often with several homes, are becoming a new paradigm,” Smith says. “Luxury used to mean big houses, big cars, big everything—and though clients want every luxury in the world, it’s now in a smaller, more manageable footprint,” she says. “Big mega mansions are becoming smaller more curated spaces where accessibility and simplicity are very important.”

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And in these new, more edited spaces, everything has a designed value. “People know what they like and want to be able to use it,” Smith explains. “They’re more thoughtful about how spaces are used in the home.”

Smith, who helms Windsor Smith Home in Los Angeles, applies her philosophy by finding solutions that make living easier, whether through design, technology, or indoor/ outdoor living. For her latest project in Los Angeles, she designed each room of the home to have a very specific lifestyle purpose.

A chef’s kitchen is partitioned off from the main kitchen to give the family more privacy. It includes Gaggenau appliances and a marble island topper and kitchen surrounds by Artistic Tile & Stone.

In the kitchen, every square foot is valuable. Instead of a walk-in pantry, Smith prefers shallow cabinetry, where the contents are completely visible, and open shelving for things the family regularly uses. She also opts to use flush finishes for Gaggenau appliances and cabinetry for a clean, minimal look. “This keeps life edited so the homeowners can see just what they want to see around them,” she notes. And, to make prep work easier, space is calculated between appliances, so the person cooking doesn’t have to walk across the kitchen to access necessities. Smith’s configuration includes a central island with a marble countertop from Artistic Tile & Stone that has everything underneath—a pullout with knives, spices, a dishwasher—all within reach.



Smith also believes in the separation between the cooking space and the area where a family can hang out. Smith’s family kitchen blends both dining and entertaining capabilities, anchored by a large central table with a separate lounge area comprising a couch and additional seating. “It’s somewhere between a dining room and a kitchen,” she says. Marble monoliths from Artistic Tile & Stone house a wine chiller, coffee and tea makers, and a juicing station, so that the family has everything they need to make themselves comfortable while the business of the kitchen goes on in the other area.

Instead of installing upper cabinetry, Smith has large cupboards with extended nickel and glass étagères mounted on the walls above for displaying collectibles and items in regular rotation. “It’s an environment where dishes, glassware, and vases are all exposed, so you’ll only keep what you want and love,” Smith says.

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Source: architecturaldigest.com


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