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Celebrity News | Oct 20, 2019
Jeremiah Brent’s Los Angeles Studio

Jeremiah Brent’s Los Angeles Studio – The last few years have been all about growth for designer Jeremiah Brent. There have been product lines, projects for A-List clients, TV shows, and even a new baby. So it may be surprising to hear that Brent was tackling all of this from the coach house of the Los Angeles home he shared with husband Nate Berkus, their daughter, Poppy, and son, Oskar.

Using this space as the office for Jeremiah Brent Design allowed him to be close to his children, but recently decided it was time to move out of the coach house and into a new office space near Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood. “As the company has grown and the needs have grown, it was time to transition into an office that could actually accommodate everybody,” says Brent. “And for me it was really important, especially with this first office space, for it to still feel like a home.”



Brent approached the design of the space the same way he begins a project with a client. “I always try to craft spaces around the moments that I imagine people or families having in them,” he says. “I’ve thought about the women that work with me—what’s important to them? What’s important to me? What happens if we’re all annoying at a table and you want to go somewhere to work, to have some privacy?”

The office has a residential vibe, with a comfortable living room for casual meetings and brainstorming sessions, a dining/conference room, a workroom with a 20-foot long oval table, and a product library that feels more like a walk-in closet than a spot for swatch storage. “I think it’s really important, especially with the work space, to create a place that makes people feel creative, where they feel safe, and they feel like they’re instantly connected,” he says. “One of the things that I realized from having worked in and out of my home is that [the environment] really broke down a lot of barriers,” he says. “It’s all about that casual sophistication, and I think people work better when they feel better.”

The workroom, with its huge communal table, is the heart of the studio and at the core of Brent’s business philosophy. “My office works in a very unique way where we’re all around the one central table,” he explains. “Everybody has a seat at the table, everybody’s vision and design voice is heard.” Brent actually found the piece on Instagram. “It’s strange the way Instagram has become a really crazy sourcing opportunity for me,” he says. “I never thought I’d be saying that, but you see these amazing vendors halfway across the world.” Many of the other pieces in the office came from Brent’s personal trove of furnishings. “It was important for me to have a space that was a blend of a lot of really beautiful antiques, things that I had also collected over time,” he explains, pointing to the bronze-and-glass table and Jaques Adnet chairs in the conference room as items from his own collection.



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Source: architecturaldigest.com


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