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Celebrity News | Mar 27, 2015
Celebrity news: Most Amazing Hollywood Homes
Most Amazing Hollywood Homes0

Great celebrity news: today is time to check the top 5 Hollywood Homes that appeared in movies! You know that we love decor, especially inside celebrity homes, so let’s do a celebrity homes tour!

Well, here I’m going to share with you top 5 Hollywood Homes, in the most amazing celebrity homes scenarios used by Hollywood movies. Some are so iconic that I don’t even should have to say the name, others will make you want to see the movie if you didn’t so.

The inside and the outside of the homes are stunning. The set decor is also unique in these movies: modern or traditional, you name it, this set decorators are amazing.

1. Great Gatsby
The celebrity homes tour begins with the home of The Great Gatsby. If you saw the movie or read the book you can imagine the luxury inside one of the best celebrity homes of all time. Just fall in love with this home.

"Amazing Hollywood movie homes"Most Amazing Hollywood Homes0

2. James Bond: Diamonds are forever. The Villain’s Liar
Everyone loves a James Bond movie, this one has a plus, another of the amazing celebrity homes among every homes featured in Hollywood movies.

"Amazing Hollywood movie homes" 
"Amazing Hollywood movie homes"

3. Twilight: The Cullen’s home
It’s a kids movie, everyone get a crush on vampires but the truth is that it also have an amazing home. The good celebrity news is that you can always make a celebrity homes tour in your sofa, without take any other risk rather fall in love for these celebrity homes.

"Amazing Hollywood movie homes""Amazing Hollywood movie homes"_______________________________________________________________________

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4. The Wolf of Wall Street
Money is the thing, women all around, crazy life and this amazing celebrity homes stylish view. You can’t miss another astonishing celebrity homes tour!

"Amazing Hollywood movie homes"

5. The Holiday
This movie with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Back. This movie is a Christmas movie full of funny moment and some celebrity homes ideas for Christmas decorations!

"Amazing Hollywood movie homes""Amazing Hollywood movie homes""Amazing Hollywood movie homes"_______________________________________________________________________

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This are our favorite celebrity homes in Hollywood movies, but you can share  your top celebrity homes in Hollywood movies in a comment below!


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