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Celebrity Style | Aug 6, 2021
Ellie Bradley from Atelier Lane | Interview

Ellie Bradley from Atelier Lane | Interview – Established by Ellie Bradley in 2008, Atelier Lane is a full-service, Hong Kong-based interior design studio specializing in refined, sophisticated contemporary interiors. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Atelier Lane has built a reputation for achieving highly individual results for a discerning, international clientele. CovetED had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ellie herself and get the opportunity to know a bit about her amazing work but also a glimpse into her mind.

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Moved by her love to be able to transform a space and seeing how clever design, lighting, color and texture can evoke and emotive response in her clients, Ellie sees no boundaries when pursuing her career, even when distance seems like an obstacle: “Moving countries was challenging. I had to almost start again when we moved from Singapore to Hong Kong. But the move allowed me the freedom to work on the business, which has seen it grow and broaden.” She said.



Still thriving for better herself, but at the same time feeling fulfilled, Ellie thinks she’ll always have a list of things she wants to achieve, surpassing dreams she has already achieved. There’s something special about the first and last days on a project, seeing the possibilities of space and then seeing the results is what makes her feel fulfilled professionally, but ultimately creating a clients dream home, which Ellie describe as an incredible feeling. When asked about her future project and ambitions, Ellie was funnily secretive: “We’re working on a bespoke product and furniture range, so stay tuned.“, and CovetED will definitely be keeping an eye for it.

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Having a very close relationship with the clients she works with, Ellie Is very invested in each project. “Our clients are discerning, quality-conscious individuals that appreciate good design and end-to-end service.” she added.


Her studio’s approach to communicating and advertising is subtle, has they tended to let their work speak for itself and so far, that’s worked in their favour. Currently working in one particular project inspired by our current lifestyle and the fact we are spending a lot more time indoors. Her studio is creating a multi-functional environment that maximises the potential of the finite living space, for when you need to work, workout, relax and entertain at home.



“We are seeing the rise of biophilic design and spaces that satisfy our need and connection to nature, maximising light and airflow, incorporating planting and using organic materials, natural colours and geometries to create an underlying sense of calm and wellbeing.”
Ellie Bradley




With a foundation in modern contemporary designAtelier Lane designs refrains from unnecessary embellishments and is defined by a sense of openness, clean lines, high ceilings and modern architecture which celebrates innovative design. Ellie and her dynamic team are dedicated to being different, not for differene a ce’s sake, believing in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every property, to creatunique home. CovetED is all about innovative design ideas, so we’ll be on the edge for Ellie’s incredible work. You can follow her via Instagram. Don’t miss it.

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