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Celebrity Style | Jan 29, 2022
Interior Design in Cairo | Nada Shehab’s Eclectic Design

Interior Design in Cairo | Nada Shehab’s Eclectic Design – Blending different elements harmoniously is not at the reach of any common interior designer, however, the talented Nada Shehab is not any regular designer, being from the beautiful city of Cairo, she studied and perfected the art of interior design all throughout her academic path allowing her to provide, through her sharp eye, the utmost diversity to this luxurious Villa in Cairo.

This grandeur project was brought to reality in a partnership with Luxxu and Boca do Lobo, and in today’s article, Luxxu Blog brings you an awe-inspiring showcase of this exquisite residence, decorated by a plethora of opulent design brands with a masterful touch from a one-of-a-kind interior designer. Are you prepared to witness eclectic design mastery?


Nada Shehab

From the moment you get the chance to admire this gorgeous space, you can see that there is nothing ordinary about it. Everywhere you look, from the kitchen to the living area, you shall find uniqueness in every piece and every detail you may glance upon.

The city of Cairo is known not only for being a fountain of richness regarding the incredible history of Egypt but also for its warmth, be it in the people, the culture, or even the weather. With that in mind, it made perfect sense for Nada Shehab, to go for a warm color palette, as it conveys this whole project with a luxurious yet cozy feel.



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Ocadia Armchair

Enter A Space Of Exquisiteness

Nada Shehab - entryway with lapiaz console

As soon as you pass by the entryway of this Villa you can immediately feel that interior design excellence is all around you, be it in terms of the space managing or the piece selection such as this pairing of the Lapiaz Console and the Robin Mirror, it’s simply undeniable that you have just entered a whole new world with larger than life dimensions that are set to leave you easily mesmerized.

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Nada Shehab - entryway design

Come through this stunning hallway with an eye-catching marble floor and contemplate the first of the many wonders that this design project has to offer: the dining room.

A Superb Dining Environment You Won’t Forget

Nada Shehab - majestic hallway

An ambiance to admire, this dining room is a marvelous stage where Nada Shehab brilliantly managed to have the perfect mixture of stunning art pieces with delightful dining room décor, once again displaying the interior designer’s masterful ability to bring diversity to any space.

Following a modern approach with an impactful dash of class this space counts with the presence of Boca do Lobo’s Nº11 Dining Chairs, these chairs take the cue from key figures of the surrealist movement such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte and turn their work into a subtle art furniture piece.

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Nº11 Dining Chair

Nada Shehab - tycho torch wall lamp

Furthermore, this space is gifted with tremendous lighting masterpieces. Right above the dining table, you shall be speechless with the 3 piece statement suspensions that highlight this dining area with elegance, however, the illumination of this area has not only 3 elegant elements but 4, where does this 4th element come from you ask?

The answer is simple, have a look at the modern wall lighting and observe the creation that is Luxxu’s Tycho Torch Wall Lamp, From the classical to the most contemporary ambiance, this torch wall is the epitome of elegance and distinctiveness.

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Tycho Torch Wall Lamp


A Sumptuos Refinement In The Kitchen

Nada Shehab - luxurious kitchen

Everything you imagine a luxurious kitchen must contain you will find it here, from fabulous marble counters to unique pendant lighting and even a stylish black bust on an opulent golden column display, there is no doubt that this space is a truly faithful representation of an eclectic design.

The décor of this kitchen obviously needed the ultimate finishing touch and as beautiful as this place is, a small number of iconic lines was demanded in order to leave you truly perplexed, therefore, one of Luxxu’s most famous collections made its appearance in this space with refined upholstery in the form of the stylish Charla Bar Chairs.

The Most Memorable Stair Case In Cairo

Climbing the Giza pyramids won’t feel as rewarding as going up through this magnificent staircase, a place of passage but not of focus that gained a new appeal with the addition of an awe-inspiring statement piece of contemporary art to go along with white marble steps that will take you to a whole new luxurious oasis.

The Most Luxurious Living Room In The City of a Thousand Minarets

Nada Shehab - landscape of a cairo living room

The grand finale of this eclectic Villa showcase comes with the masterful living room, this area is the quintessence of Nada Shehab’s brilliance as this room stands as a hymn to luxury, sophistication, art, and beauty.

Nada Shehab - blue couch

From a plethora of blue and red hues on the sofas and golden accents spread in every little detail you look upon, this is certainly a place to not only relax and unwind but also to be marveled at due to the flawlessness you stand on.

Nada Shehab - odette sofa

No matter where you look you will be able to understand that comfort is at a premium and one of the best examples we can give you of such a coveted quality is the fabulous Odette Sofa by Boca do Lobo, its flowing silhouette is enhanced by a polished brass construction and an asymmetric back, resulting in a refined design with everlasting appeal.

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Odette Sofa

Endless Luxury

To continue the comfort trend with maximum elegance and in splendorous style, this living room counts with a wonderful combination by Luxxu that creates a reading nook in a harmonious fashion with the remainder of this space. This admirable aesthetic is possible thanks to an expert combination by Nada Shehab, by bringing together the Ocadia Armchair and the Empire Side Table.

Nada Shehab - opulent living room

All along with this project, the touch of Nada Shehab was obvious, and each and every choice she made regarding the interior décor of this Villa had a purpose, to display the utmost variety in interior design and convey a truly luxurious lifestyle.

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